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Severe elbow arthritis

Hi everyone, I've suffered from bad arthritis in my right arm from 30 years of hard gym work, I've had 3 arthroscopys on it , and an ulner nerve decompression and a transposition, none have worked like I would have hoped, this has added to my depression and I've had at least 3 or 4 dry runs, I'm on 200 mg zomorph twice a day 1200 gabapentin x 3 daily and duloxatine 60 mg, I was wondering if anyone on these doses of the morphine could be what's making my depression bad as I find I'm always one step away from wanting to crash out. I may being offered a pain pump in the near future, also I seem to be stuck in the middle for an income, I can't work but due t fitness tests by atos I'm as fit as an Olympic athlete. Any help please?im 48 by the way.

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