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Summer sandals for Arthritic feet


Hi everyone

I'm new here but not new to Arthritis after my thyroidectomy for cancer in 2016 I developed Psoriatic Arthritis that has taken a toll on my tendons that attach to ANY BONE "ouch" ! Anyway I'm curious if anyone has any recommendations for summer sandals for Arthritic feet / knees? I have been toying with purchasing Wolkys (very recommended) but also a lot of money to spend if they really are no good for Arthritic feet / knees.

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Try here if you don't mind shopping online.

I can't wear normal sandals and need those with backs. But there are a good selection here

This is another reliable shop.

Batty1 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the links. I have Psoriatic Arthritis so I can't wear sandals with backs because of the tendonitis in heel.

Hidden in reply to Batty1

I understand, but these two outlets have a good selection of all types of sandals. :-)

Take a look at the Simply Feet website.

I like Vionic sandals which are podiatrist designed and have excellent arch support. Some of the it range are 25% off atm.

Batty1 in reply to Lolabridge

Sorry looked up simply feet and get podiatrist

Lolabridge in reply to Batty1

They sell loads of makes of shoes too.

I havent been able to wear a full shoe for years even in the winter i live in sandals "Pavers" worn them for years


I have Psoriatic arthritis with the main problems being in my feet.

I only buy FitFlop footwear now. They have a good selection of sandals (no heels) & you can usually get some really good bargains on their sale page.

Best wishes

Batty1 in reply to Sanbanan

I have PSA in my feet and knees it attacks my tendons, my biggest issue is the Achilles tendon gets so stinking tight it forces me to pretty much walk on my toes with a lot of pressure on the ball of my feet.

I will look at fit flops I wore them many years ago do you think these would be helpful with reducing pressure on the ball of my feet?

Sanbanan in reply to Batty1

Hi Batty1

I find they help cushion my feet but I stick to the sandal styles that have a thicker sole.

I also love their slip-on trainers which are stretchy material that doesn't hurt my toes or catch anywhere.

My feet are in a horrible state now with splayed toes, inflammation in Achilles tendons & bone erosions.

I have also had 2 knee replacements & find this footwear is best for me.

All trial and error really until you find what suits you best.

Hope you find something soon x

Ps....I find going up a size in Fitflop works a treat.

Batty1 in reply to Sanbanan

Trial and error gets pretty expensive after a while. I'm guessing no one has heard about Wolkys Sandals?


My feet are horrendous with excruciating pain and arthritis. I've tried every form of shoe, sandle, boot with no hope. The only thing I can wear are sketchers, the slip ons or trainers. Hope this helps. Xx

Batty1 in reply to Hidden

I have slip on sketchers and they are OK nothing to say YES these are great because my arthritis attacks any tendon that attaches to bones and because of this tendon issue I tend to walk on my toes after a little while on my feet because my Achilles tendon gets so tight...

I read this and thought Wolky rings a bell ? I like shoes so just had a look and I have a pair from last year. Yes comfy but my foot was operated on 2 years ago so not sure id that helps. Anyway well made and trendy which is why I bought them.

Batty1 in reply to medway-lady

Since you have a pair do you think they run wide and true to length? Silly question I know but I've been wanting to buy a pair they were recommended by arthritis site but they don't go much into details.

Thanks for answering appreciate it.

medway-lady in reply to Batty1

I've good big feet and mine are adjustable so I'd say yes they do mine came from a shop in Maidstone but if you order online then you can normally send back. I don't much like Sketchers and my surgeon really did'nt as no support which is why comfy . My black Wolky's have a single bar across the front with a velcro fastening and ankle is the same so they don't flop about. Wide enough for my feet and do have thick soles which sort of hard mould the foot. But to be honest I like them as they are cool. I also like Dr Martyns as wide and have a good toe box again my surgeon liked my DM boots. Wolky's don't draw attention to my damaged left foot as the RA left my right foot alone. So I'd say give them a go.

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