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Arthritis both hips

Just had MRI results showing arthritis both hips and trochantaric burstitis right side on hip. The consultant hasn't advised me which type arthritis I have though. I initially had pain on right side and down to the knee now extending to foot. Pain started in left hip although not as bad but again, pain in knee that side too. He has referred me back to docs as now have Pain in lower back so can be referred for back MRI. Unsure why he couldn't have arranged the appointment whilst I was there instead of long winded docs-hospital again, he also suggested psysio and steroid injection which I'm reluctant to do as research shows the injections can actually cause more long term issues with the bone/tendons. I am really worried, I'm not overweight and 45. Worried that the leg and knee pain which is a really sore deep ache is athritis there too or is it referred pain from the hip? Can anyone give me any advice please?

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I would suggest you speak to your doctor about your leg and knee pain as they may be able to also look at this area when you have your MRI.

Ask for more information on steroid injections so you can make an informed decision and ask to be referred to see a physio as this can really help too. Arthritis Action members get 4 subsidised sessions a year with our associated practitioners, these can include physios, acupuncturists, osteopaths, etc. Find out more here:

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