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I am a 43 year old mum of two. I find I am now in more pain than ever and all I am prescribed is morphine and nerve block meds. These are causing more issues and now I need surgery to correct my insides. I am overweight having not lost the baby fat from my 4 1/2 year daughter. i not only never kicked the baby fat but added 3 stone! I have prolapses so can't do anything that puts stain on these (this is what I need surgery on). My knees hurt a lot and I am told I have reactive RA! Last summer I started taking walks on the cliff path to lose weight and this caused my second prolapse so even that is too strenuous. Other than starve myself does anyone know of any exercises I can do to help me lose weight as well as help the osteoporosis I have had in my hips and lower back since I was 20 (prednisolone for asthma caused this). I also recently had surgery on my cervical spine where i had prloapsed discs and hope they can do another operation on my lumber spine where I have more prolapsed discs. Please help. I don't want to pass my bad body image on to my daughter.

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Losing weight has been proven to work best when a person both exercises and diets. If walking is proving too painful you could try swimming as this reduces the pressure on your limbs. You could also try in-chair exercises at home or find a low-impact exercise class in your area. Dieting doesn't have to be starving yourself, if you decrease your intake of high-fat foods and try eating less carbohydrates and more vegetables and lean protein, such as chicken and fish, then you should not get so hungry. Its also useful to drink plenty of water throughout the day as thirst can sometimes be confused with hunger.

Our dietitian is available to have unlimited consultations with you over the phone if you decide to become a member of Arthritis Action. Together you can create a healthy eating plan and he can give you step by step advice. Members can also have 4 heavily subsidised sessions with a physical therapist, which can massively help your arthritis pain. Check out our website and how you can join here:

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Thank you. I have been told I can't do low impact even so it seems swimming is my only option. I feel embarrassed in a very vain way of swimming but have been thinking of finding a womans only session


Hi , I have had wedge fractures in my T10/11 & 12 & L1 of my spine and also diagnosis of Osteoarthritis & Osteophrosis I also have Epilepsy and from that a balance disorder of Ataxia . I live in constant pain have various medications and have been told that the Epilepsy medication has caused alot of my problems . Its just a vicious circle as I cannot do without the Epilepsy medication nor pain relief ! I am on morphine and other tablets for pain , I cannot sleep properly and have also severe depression from all the effects it has on me yet I am still told I am not elegible for pip ? Any advice ?


I go swimming 3 times a the adults husband pays monthly for me and also comes with me,it kills me to do it,but it makes me feel like im trying to keep fit asi7 dont want to end up in a wheelchair im riding though the pain keeping active .justcwish i could get some pain management havent heard anything x


Hi I have RA and OA and have found swimming a great help for my joints I go to aqua aerobics 2 a week plus swimming every morning since I finished work through medical grounds , the water is a big factor as your not putting any pressure on your joints, the first time I went I was a bit embarrassed as it was all women but now I'm fine and it's certainly helped my joints


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