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Osteoarthritis in both hips -age 41


Hi all, I’m new here and I think I need a bit of help. I have been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in both my hips and from the MRI scan it seems that I am bone on bone. I am in so much pain all the time and cry every time I get up to stand. I am only 41 and my GP is certain that I will need both hips replaced very soon. I am desperately worried about this and feel extremely depressed. I don’t know anyone my age that has had a joint replacement and I just wondered if there was anyone out there who knows of something similar? I also have a liver disease and so I cannot take anti inflammatory medication. I am on 10mg slow release weekly patch, but it doesn’t seem to do a thing for the pain. Is there any way else I can help myself? Herbal? Alternative? I’d try anything. When I get up to stand it’s so stiff and my muscles go really tight and shake. I’m sorry to moan and complain on my first post, but I do feel quite desperate and very sad.

Warm wishes, xx

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Oh my dear, bucket loads of empathy from me. I have a friend who had a double hip replacement at 32 so don't worry about the fact you are only 41. I would have the surgery asap if I were you. Hip replacement is almost like outpatient surgery these days so recovery is nothing like it used to be years ago. Have you tried Voltaren Gel for pain relief? It's a non-steroidal and has an analgesic effect on joint pain. Being a gel, it doesn't affect the liver.

Yellow77 in reply to Laurapc

Thank you so much Laurapc. That’s reassuring. I will go and find some of this gel this afternoon, tbh, I would try anything now the pain is so bad. Take care xx


I have a friend aged 21 who has had a hip and shoulder replacement due to Avascular Necrosis after cancer treatment. She is doing marvellously.

Yellow77 in reply to Hidden

Hi poemsgalore1. Thank you for your reply. That’s what the MRI was considering, whether it was avascular necrosis. So pleased your friend is doing so well xx

Hi Yellow77 I am so sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. Although you're GP has said that you will need both hips replaced soon this needs to be confirmed by an Orthopedicsurgeon. Even then I would be going for a second opinion as this is such a big operation.

I remember that my mother in law was advised to have both hips replaced years ago. As you have mentioned the pain gets so bad when you go from sitting to standing you cry. My mother in law used to cry out every otime she stood up, she had to get up really slowly and she walked very slowly.

She refused to have the surgery. She changed her diet to lots of fresh veggies and fruit and became semi vegetarian. She did yoga, walked and cycled a lot. Also took calcium and Vitamin D3.

After a couple of years the pain just stopped. I don't know why this worked but it did.

You say you're weekly pain patch doesn't work. I am on a 20 mcg Bupranorphine patch weekly and in my opinion it does nothing for the pain. I have to put up with it because Australia is following America cutting back on opiate prescription so my GP can't give me anything stronger. Mine is not for arthritis, it's for chronic pain after an accident.

I wish you all the best. Take care. Lola

Hi Lola

Thank you for your very kind message. That is amazing news to hear about your mother in law. I do have an appointment in a weeks time with an orthopaedic surgeon. I have waited a very long time. It’s a shame about cutbacks on opiates, I am guessing that this is probably due to misuse of them? It’s not very helpful when you need them though, and I am sorry you are in so much pain.

I wish you all the very best xx

Hiya. I'm in my 30s and I had my 1st THR on 30th August this year and then had the other 2 weeks ago. It's amazing and I don't regret it at all.

The idea of having a hip replacement aclan seem quite overwhelming but when you compare it to the pain you're in now and how the op should remove that...

Pain med wise, has your GP not suggested anything as an alternative to anti-inflammatory? Your ortho consultant might have some suggestions too

Yellow77 in reply to Teaweasel

Hi. Thank you! It’s so good to hear from someone young and your experiences. I do feel very overwhelmed by the prospects of surgery. And I definitely am going to talk to my consultant next Friday about pain relief as like you know, it’s dreadful. I can’t explain the pain to other people, but I know you know!

Take care for now and congrats on your new hips!!

Teaweasel in reply to Yellow77

Oh yep I know all too well about the pain! It's horrific and you're right, hard to explain to those that don't know. Luckily my mum got it as she's got OA too (seems to be almost entirely on her left side though) and had a THR in her 50s and was classed as young back then. Unfortunately hubby has never really experienced pain and, whilst I would NEVER wish this on anyone let alone him, I sometimes wished he could really understand. I know he tried but unless you really experience pain you can't "Get it".

Good luck with the consultant! S/he may have some other suggestions of things to try before going straight to the replacements (mine tried several).

Thanks for the congrats on the hips! Looking forward to getting my life back, it's been nearly 10 years since my first symptoms and I've been permanently on crutches for over 18 months so the idea of walking properly again is very exciting. If you do have any questions feel free to message me. There's some great groups on Facebook as well - Young Hip Replacements (UK), Osteoarthritis Support Uk Only are a couple of examples

Yellow77 in reply to Teaweasel

Thank you. I’ll let you know what the consultant says on Friday x

Apart from age [I am now 64] We have a lot in common. I had first hip replacement at 57 following several years of pain. I also have bad osteo in my L2 to L5 region and the two "interfere" with each other and consultants for both could never really work out which was causing what....Second hip earlier this year....

Like you I cannot take NSAIDs and I have spent many years trying to find out what works best for me.

So the first tip is it is very much a personal thing working out what is best for you.

Secondly, you are clearly a chronic sufferer, if you are bone on bone there is no medication that will help to any great degree. YOu may get a little relief from a neurosupppressant such as pregabelin. NSAIDS would not help either.

Next, I am sure your doc is right, if you are getting unbearable impact pain, stiffness and trouble sleeping you are at the chronic end of the spectrum and surgery is only real option.

For reassurance I was steered to the Oxford hip score. This categorises your condition based upon symptoms and gives some indication of where you are in the treatment spectum. This is NHS supported but only used by some. Try googling it.

Dont be too concerned about hip replacement, advice is always do one at a time as it is easier to rehabilitate.

Outcome. If you put in the work and do not have other physical conditions the outcome is great. After my first hip I was actually much better than I had been for years.

You must commit fully to the exercise regime and dos and donts.

Second hip much harder because of other back problems etc....

Dont give up trying to keep mobile pre-op. Try to walk, try to find exercises, use static pool exercises, these are very good. It is all about retaining movement and muscle strength.

Try turmeric. It is a good anti inflammatory. [the best natural one for me]. You will have to experiment with what form powder, capsule, tablets works best for you.

All for now, but happy to help further if you wish.


Yellow77 in reply to bleebo001

Wow bleebo001. That’s a great and informative reply. I will get on he internet this evening and see what I can find. I’ve read something about the oxford score but not much, so I’ll see what is what. Re the pain killers, no, nothing seems to touch the pain. I just have to get on with things the best I can. I’ve seen tumeric advertised on the tele I think but I think it was with an ibruprofen type pill. Also, something I will look at. I’ll try anything. I was even going to think sod it, I’ll take some anti inflammatorys anyway, but I really don’t want my liver to start playing up, as also with that I can get very poorly very quickly. I’ll update next Friday after consultant. Bye for now and thanks again x

bleebo001 in reply to Yellow77

Glad to be of assistance. Any issues fire away and i'll do my best to help. One of my friends was able to stop long term anti inflammatories completely as a result of the turmeric I recommended. It is not as effective for me but gives you some indication of what can be achieved. I also did extensive research and got opinions on the type of operation.


Hi yellow77 sorry to see you are so unwell, my mum had her hips replaced it made a great deal of difference to her this was in the early 90s so probably even better now, there were some dos and donts such as reaching when sitting , if you over reach you could pull the spike insert out of its houseing but all worth it good luck

Yellow77 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Hoxtonite. It reassures me to hear of success stories. And I have already vowed to myself that if I do have to define ace surgery, I will 100% do as I’m told. Best wishes xx

Hi my niece had her hip done in august and she did really well.. walking without sticks within a couple of weeks.. she is only 40.. its worth having it done if you in so much pain

Hey Yellow77, I hear you and understand pain myself. I am only 27 and have been diagnosed with arthritis in the lumbar region. I have had three surgeries to "correct" or "manage" the pain but nothing that my pain management doctors prescribed me ever worked. I do not like the pesky side effects of the medications anyways, half of the pain killers out there I am allergic to. Every time I go into the docs office it is a hassle letting them know what I can and can't take.

I managed to come up with a solution that allows me to minimize the pain and continue to work my two jobs. One job I am a chef and so standing on my feet all day is a killer. The other is waitress part time, and by then my body is just like I need a break. I found this herb that I make into tea, arnica, its a small flower and so potent it is unbelievable. I boil the herb with enough water, grab an old towel that I no longer use. Strain out the herb and place the tea in a bowl, you want this as hot as your skin can handle without getting burned. Let the towel soak up the "good stuff", and just lay it over the area that hurts. Just continue to repeat as many times as you need. The herb has anti-inflamitory properties and reliefs pain instantly. I sleep so soundly, I am refreshed the next day.

Another thing that has helped me to manage the pain is by taking a supplement that my local store carries. It also has natural properties and been taking it for over 2 years. I do have some discomfort but I can tell the difference when I forget to take them. They are called PRIMAL Joint Support & Inflammation Pain Relief by Eu Natural, I did some digging around and found them through Amazon and through the vendor website as well. I know products do not work for everyone, but I couldn't take the though of having to go through under the knife again. Best wishes, stay strong, hope you get well!

Yellow77 in reply to bunny06

Hiya bunny06

Thank you for your excellent reply. I have heard of arnica and I think I have seen it in cream form. So can you actually buy the flower? If so, I’m on it!!

It’s so good to hear about the alternatives to medication. Although I’m not allergic, as you are, I might as well be because I can’t take them. I have stayed in all weekend as I just can’t bear the pain at the moment. And I have been piling on weight as I’m not active and eating for comfort because I feel sad about the pain and not being able to go out.

I’m going to try find these things you mention right now. I’ll let you know if I do.

Thanks again xxx

bunny06 in reply to Yellow77

Thanks for responding to the comment! I would suggest you try looking for the herb online, see what vendors will deliver to you. I know that there is a bunch of videos online on how to make gels and creams out of other stuff, but I just like using the tea water. As for the supplement give amazon a check, they also have their own website store.eunatural.com/. To see if they will deliver as well. Good luck and let me know how you do!

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