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Preconception Appointment

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we are hopefully planning to have baby number 2 after having postpartum with my first baby who is now 2 and a half.

We have our preconception appointment with perinatal services in a few weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions for questions I should ask?

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Hello Mulan13,

I haven't gone on to have a second baby, there is an insider guide available for planning a second pregnancy.

You can access it here:

It might be worth thinking about things that were triggering last time and what could be put in place to avoid or minimise these. For example, lack of sleep due to noise on the ward, then asking for a private room. Being able to have your partner there all the time... Availability of antipsychotics immediately if needed... being able to see the closest MBU, so it's not as unknown...

I'm not sure but I'm sure others who have gone on to have a second child will have some helpful insights!

Thinking of you.


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VHi Mulan13, I did preconception counselling a few years ago before becoming pregnant with my second one who is now 1 year old. I remember asking a few questions about the risks, what was considered contributors for me becoming unwell after my first one and how we could mitigate those risks this time around. Lack of sleep was a big one for me so having a plan to have help with the night feeding was important. I also asked about medication, taking medication while pregnant, and just after birth. I involved my husband and tried to get his point of view across as well, it was important for us that we will both be on board with the decisions. I remember much less of my psychotic episodes than him, as it is usually the case, so for him the memories were as raw if not more than for me. So being heard was important for both of us.

Wishing you well on your meeting, take good care, happy to answer any further questions.

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just to add to the other pieces of advice - I was offered the option of going straight onto an MBU for two weeks after the birth of my second, just in case. I would have been free to change my mind or leave at any time, but it was a safety net. In the end I turned it down.

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Hello Mulan13

I hope you're doing ok.

I had a second child after having PP with my first (my first son was born in 2012, second son in 2016).

I was fortunate in being able to have a consultation with Prof Ian Jones via APP to discuss planning a second pregnancy. There was no perinatal mental health team in my area at the time - I’m so glad there are more services now. We talked through my PP experience and what I felt may have contributed to me becoming unwell first time.

I wanted to know what the likelihood was of having PP again. If it did happen, whether it would likely follow the same kind of pattern, and what we could potentially do to reduce risk.

If seeing someone in my local area, I think I’d have wanted to know what support would be available to me during pregnancy and what my options might be if I became unwell again the second time. (Those kinds of things were addressed during my second pregnancy as part of my antenatal care.)

The insider guide Jocelyn has linked to above is a really helpful resource, and you’ll be able to search for other threads around second pregnancies too if that’s helpful.

I’d be happy to share any of my experience that might be helpful, if you have any questions do ask 😊

I hope your appointment goes well, do let us know how you get on.

Best wishes,


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Hello Mulan13

This is fabulous news for you and your family 💜

When I went on to plan my second child after PP I looked at the options around medication choices and wrote an advance statement around what care I wanted if I was admitted. For example taking my mobile phone away, allowing only certain visitors...

I found planning everything helped settle my worries as I knew everyone was aware of my wishes. I didn't experience it again but I was on a very close watch from the Perintal Team which was great to have.

If you have any other questions or need any advice I am happy to help as well as all the other amazing peers on here 💜

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hi Mulan13, this is so very exciting and I am glad to hear you are in a stage to consider this. I actually had such a session roughly a month ago. It was really nice and reassuring and gave us some ideas and also time to consider things before we are even trying. Even now I am still on birth control cause I really need some time to process it all and weigh up the options. Anyway, what I thought was really valuable was to talk about types of preventive care plans. There are so many measures that could be put in place, and what may be an option for the one could be a total no-go for example. E.g. having preventive anti-psychotics during pregnancy or straight after birth, an elective c-section or deciding not to breastfeed etc. What really helped me was to write down a few questions in advance, also what was really valuable was that my partner was able to ask some questions and he came up with total different things which was so helpful. For us that worked out naturally but maybe you and your husband can agree to prepare you questions separately. Lastly, I asked my psychiatrist to share a few real life examples of those who went on having another child without a psychosis but also those who did. I found that really insightful to hear from her perspective. In my case she told me about a lady who did have a second psychosis but this time it was managed at home, that thought never occurred to me. Good luck and I will be following this threat cause I find it insightful in my journey too! Big hug

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