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My Wife was affected by Postpartum Psychosis after 50 days of baby birth, and she is having P~P for 10 days and in next 10 day she was in PP

My wife was affected by Postpartum Psychosis (P~P) for the past 2 months, the first symptom was occured after 50 days of baby birth.

After the 50 days of baby birth:

1) For the first five days we dont know what she is doing, she was angry with all of us. Dont like some people to come to our home, shouted like anything. So we took steps to show her to a psychiatrist, they gave some 2 days tablet and she became normal. We still dont know it is P~P in this 5 days time.

2) After some 10 days time she again started the same story, this time she started to beat her mom, her sister and father. She started telling that no one is good, so we admitted to one of our best psychiatrist hospital. She was almost there for 11 days and we got her to our home.

3) She was fine for 10 days (she was in her regular phase) and when i picked her to hospital for checkup and return back to home on a day she got back to her P~P, i dont how it happened to her again? because the 5 mins before attack she was with me in hotels, malls etc and when i picked back to home she started crying in home (but on that day her father came to my home - whether that will be a reason?)

4) Till now she is in p~p condition for almost 10 days

So for my wife it happens with a break, whether there is anything wrong we are making or this break is common to all? Please let me know when i have my wife back... We are having a 4 month boy....

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Hello jothrajan,

Thank you for getting in touch with the forum. There are many here who will be able to advise you during the difficult period your wife is having. If your wife does have PP 'it' can take control and although your wife's behaviour is out of character at the moment she is unable to help herself. I had PP for the first time many years ago and after time and recovery I was very surprised to hear how I had behaved, as if my family were talking about a completely different person.

Is it possible that your wife can be referred again to the Psychiatrist? It could be that she wasn't ready to come home and needs ongoing care at the moment. Sometimes I had moods where I was fine one minute and not so good the next. During my second phase of PP, again many years ago, I have been told I reacted badly to being sent home and was readmitted to the general psychiatric hospital. Perhaps at the moment your wife can't communicate how she really feels as she is in the grip of PP and the only way to make others understand is to hit out?

I'm sorry you are all suffering at the moment. I know it can't be easy watching your wife in distress but you will get her back. I hope you can access the professional medical care to assess her needs and receive a proper diagnosis.

Take good care.


Hi Jothirajan,

What a really tough & confusing time for all of you, well done for reaching out & asking for help!

Firstly I’d like to say that with the right treatment, things will get better & you’ll get your wife back again & will enjoy the family life you expected. As Lilybeth says above, the things your wife is saying & doing are not her, it’s the illness so try not to take it to heart.

It really sounds like your wife needs professional help from a psychiatrist & a care team, the sooner the better (ideally a specialist Perinatal Psychiatrist). Can you speak to the psychiatrist you dealt with before as soon as possible? Is she taking medication now? Medication for 2 days only just isn’t enough – it’s important that if she’s prescribed medication that she carries on taking it until the professionals say otherwise – that’s something you could possibly help her with.

Sorry for all the questions, I’m just trying to get a clear picture. What area do you live in, are you in the UK? 11 days in a psychiatric ward & then home sounds very short – as PP is so severe, most stays tend to be months rather than days. It can take 6-12 months or more to recover from PP. I wonder if there’s a Mother & Baby Unit near you as this would allow your wife to be treated while not being separated from your son. If you’re in the UK, check here:

If she's diagnosed with PP, it’s important that the people supporting her understand the illness, for more info about PP check here:

Is there someone who can be with her at all times to help look after your son & ease the pressure for her (& you)? She’ll need lots of support from those around her especially while you wait for her professional care to start. If you’re worried at all or things escalate, don’t hesitate to take her with your son to Accident & Emergency, A&E at your local hospital or ring 999.

Is this your first child & was she ill mentally at all before? It’s a very worrying time for any new parent even without your wife being ill – so it’s really important to look after yourself, eat & sleep properly etc. too!

Everything will be OK. We’re here for you if you need us & if you need any more info or advice, just ask.


Many thanks for Lilybeth and Andrea,

Your words are sweet and giving hopes. I am from India, and we dont have facilities like MBUnits, after the approval from doctors we picked her to home. On her second round of PP attack we took her to the hospital to ADMIT, but doctor referred to stay in home with medicines, still now she is taking medicines. And doctors want to have weekly checkup, her checkup is on tomorrow but i will left her in home and detail her status to doctors.

The fact is she feel comfortable while in home, if we get her to hospital she will start her story (why you picked me here, am i mental). Her second PP comes after we came from hospital.

Yes always she will be with my mom and her mom, and with my 4 months kid.

Yes this is our first child, and no she didt have any mental illness before. She is such a kind girl, i know her illness doing all things now for her.

For the past 2 days she reduced beating her mom, 2 or 3 shots a day now. She is telling she feels sleepy all time (due to medicines i believe), but her negative thoughts is still with her. People here please advice whether PP comes in breaks?

5 days of PP + 10 days normal + 5 days of PP + 20 days normal + still in PP.

PP is curable? atleast for her boy she needs to get well, she loves kids a lot in general. Within 1 year she will be alright? Please advice. And yes we will have regular medicines and checkups.


Hello jothrajan

Thank you for taking the time to reply. As I mentioned, my first and second PP episodes were years ago before there were MBU's. I was treated in a general psychiatric hospital and eventually went on to make a full recovery as you wife will.

It is a very frightening experience for your wife especially as having your first child is meant to be such a joyful family time. Many of us here had never had mental illness prior to PP so please reassure your wife that she is not 'mental' and this is just an illness which affects some women following childbirth. I think everyone's recovery time varies but it's good to know your wife is having regular check-ups.

You are doing so well supporting your wife with the help of family. It is a temporary illness, curable in time with medication and care. So judging by the love and care you are giving your wife, she will be well eventually. I know it might seem a long way off at the moment as you watch your wife feeling so helpless.

Please take care of yourself too. We are all here for you to lean on.

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Rest assured PP can present as your wife's has with days on and off. She will get better with time. Most of us say we are back to relatively normal by 12mths.

Medication can take time to be effective and she may need to try different types until she finds one that works for her.

Weekly assessment seems to me not often enough at this stage especially if she's not being seen herself.

Have the Drs diagnosed her with PP?

I wasn't able to be admitted to an MBU but was in a general psychiatric ward for a week.

I wanted to go home after that although I was still not that well so I understand your wife's wish to be at home.

Good luck with everything. This is a great forum to get support and advice.

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Good points BronSyd. Medication takes time to be effective & if you feel your wife is getting worse (things can change very quickly) don't wait until your next weekly doctor's appointment but ask to see one sooner.


Yes the report says it is PP and yes all medicines are focusing on the PP..Thanks for your words "BronSyd"


Hi Jothirajan,

It is a frightening experience to go through, my wife also had pp following our first born and eventually spent 12 weeks in an MBU, staying on some of the medication for a lot longer but made a full recovery but there is no doubt that it is a very bumpy road to travel.

It's a terrifying time for all involved, especially at the start of it all but with the right support and treatment, recovery will come.

There's not a lot I can add, further to Andrea and Lilybeth's posts but it's important that your wife continues to get the right medical treatment she needs.

There were lots of times when I just thought, "will I ever get my wife back?" the only way I was able to handle this was to take it one day at a time, but also remember that it's important that you look after yourself too and it seems you have great family support, which will help.

Wishing you all the best, it does get better

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Many thanks Zapple, Hope all will come good


Hi jothirajan,

As Zapple says, it's a frightening experience to go through, both for the woman experiencing it & her family around her. This could explain the beating / lashing out at her mum. I remember feeling very scared & confused in the early stages in hospital. Feeling that the professionals didn't fully understand what was wrong made it worse too, which made me very angry at times. I fully understand how being in a hospital could increase those feelings. A good way to handle this would be to take things very slowly, calmly & quietly & prepare her in advance for any hospital visits (talk her through it?). Possibly move slowly, talk slowly/ quietly & keep everything as relaxed as possible to keep the anxiety to a minimum. Around the house keep background noise (TV's, radio) & visitors to a minimum.

Yes, keep reminding her she's normal & hasn't gone mad, she's just ill & will get better. Also tell her that lots of other new mums have been through what she's going through now & have fully recovered - she's not alone. It's really good she's taking her medication & the doctors are checking her every week. It would be better if they could see her face to face though rather than you telling them how she is, I do understand how difficult it is getting her to the hospital though - will the doctors come to your home? It's important to keep talking to them to get as much information as you can & discuss your wife's care.

Yes PP gets better. Your wife will make a full recovery in time & will be herself again. There will be good days & not so good days & there may be times when she looks better but actually might not be - just like the '10 & 20 days normal' you've had. Her moods can change with highs & lows, it's fluid & changeable but the medication will help stabilise it. Even on the days when she looks well, it's still a fragile time for her so it's best she still gets plenty of support & rest.

It sounds like you've got good support around you from both mums which is great. There's a guide for carers on our website which has lots of tips in it for care & self-care. If you get chance to it'd be good to have a read through & pick out the relevant bits:

All the best & take care.


Many thanks Andrea,

When i want to speak to her she wont look to me :).... She stopped eating with me.... So i am going to her way until she know where she is... Yes we wont allow that much of people to our home now a days, and i cant avoid this 4 month baby sound :)...Hope she will be alright soon, i will update her status then and there here so you people can guide me on this.... I am 26 and she is 21....


Hello jothrajan

Although your wife is acting out of character and the basic routine of life has changed, (eating together and chatting face to face) your wife is relying on you to guide her through this difficult time as she tries to understand what's happening. You are doing so well to be patient and supportive.

I agree with you that it's best to go along with how she feels at the moment, so that she remains calm. In time all those baby noises will be music to your ears.

Underneath all those tantrums and moods your 'kind girl' is still there. trying her hardest to be well again for you and your son.

Take very good care.


Hi jothirajan,

I am so pleased you have found this forum. All of us reading your words and writing back understand the difficult time you are going through.

I am so sorry your wife is so unwell. It is so hard to see someone you love change like this but it is just the PP illness. She will get better and will be the wife you know and love once again.

I had PP 8 years ago and made a full recovery after one year. After 3 months of first getting it, I was much better. The first few months are typically the worst. My husband was a wonderful support for me, even though it was very hard for him to see me so ill. My mother and all my family were a great help looking after the baby.

Take good care of yourself and have faith that all will be well again with the right help from a good perinatal psychiatrist.

Warmest wishes,



Hi Mam,

After 3 months of first getting it, I was much better >> I cant able to get this point. You mean after three months of PP attack you feel better, but it last for 9 months?, if so whether PP comes in break up time?


Hi jothirajan,

Yes. The acute phase of the illness was three months for me and then I began to recover slowly. After one year I was off medication. It is not so useful to compare too closely the exact timings as every individual is different. PP does not follow a precise pattern and we all respond differently to the varying medication.

The most important thing is to seek good help and guidance from your psychiatric team and to try and take it one day at a time. I know how hard this can be. Time, with this illness, is indeed a great healer.

Good luck and warmest wishes,



Many thanks JonesieB, Now a days she stopped shouting, but it does't mean that she is good, still she is having bad moods, stopped talking to me :). But she is talikg regular medicines, we need to go for another round of checkup in another week, this time my psychiatrist wants to have her with me so we need to pick her too.

I had a question, atlast will PP people realize that 'we did this much wrong?' Because day before yesterday when she was in good mood, i asked "why you shouted on that day?", she replied that "people around the street are laughing at her". That showed still she is not good, because i was with her all time, no one is there. So in good times she is still having negative thoughts.

How we can find that people is coming out of PP? Because she was under this condition for almost 3 months, time to time her mind is changing, day before yesterday she called me and asked to have get some fruits for her and she asked me to come home earlier (safe).. when i reached home she was with a bundle of negative works like 'your mom shouted with me' and she started shouting with me :)


Hello jothrajan,

I'm sorry you are still finding it difficult to cope with your wife and her moods. You and your family are doing so well to support her as she can't help how she is behaving at the moment and needs your patience and understanding.

Rest assured you have done nothing wrong. At the moment it sounds like your wife is having delusions and imagines people are shouting at her. This is all very real and happening to your wife so you must go along with what she is telling you. I also had delusions and was very upset when no one believed me. It's a frightening placefor your wife just now.

In time the medication will kick in and take effect. All the tantrums and accusations about your mother are very real to your wife. She feels safe when you are by her side even though at times she will also be annoyed with you. Be guided by her Psychiatrist and medical team who will be able to review her care at each visit.

Take good care of yourself too at this difficult time for everyone.

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I am sooooooooo sorry your wife and you are going through this right now. Please just try to remember it WILL pass with A LOT of love, support, and assuring your wife that 'it' is not who she is and 'it' is NOT how she will remain. Keep loving her and standing by her no matter what she says and no matter how bleak it looks and feels to you or her family. I also hope and pray that you have supportive family who are not judgmental, but that love you both and are willing to do their own research to come alongside you with knowledge and support.

For me, my first symptoms were happening 2 months prior to leaving my job of 4 years. My job was such a stressful job and so consuming, that a few recurring 'thoughts' I had were in hindsight paranoia which is an early PP symptom we were not aware of. My illness began manifesting in different ways after I stopped nursing around 8 months postpartum. Intermittent paranoia thoughts progressed to being more constant spurring irrational fear and beliefs that were out of character. All of these were early but huge red-flag symptoms that I was just 'dealing' with and trying to ignore as my brain was otherwise still conscious and functioning semi-okay overall......but not for long.

Soon thereafter, I was talking MUCH less (completely out of character as I tend to be very witty and just enjoy talking.) I became like a mute vegetable on the couch unable to make any sort of plan with NO motivation and a very skewed awareness of my very existence and irrational conclusions about my future. I became unable to function or care for my daughter. Certain irrational beliefs that I accepted about myself and my future during this early stage became thematic during what within about a week and a half would manifest as full-on PP; from reading, research, and talking with a few other ladies who went through some form of this illness, it seems that there are two extremes of how the PP manifests in different mothers: 1.) becoming over emotional/angry/violent or 2.) going emotionally numb or flat affect. With me, I was in the latter category (2.)

Hindsight, after some blood work and hormone panel testing within the year, my husband and I are wondering if too low of hormone levels can make this illness manifest in the more emotionally flat way (as in my experience) and if too high of hormone levels can manifest on the more overly emotional side, such as how too high of testosterone can make a person more angry with violent tendencies.....Only speculation though...we believe there are multiple factors at play in this illness.

For me, it was very ironic how I became flat-affect since I am normally a very heartfelt, more emotionally tender type of woman. I was physically unable to even shed a tear at the onset of this illness. It was an extremely confusing and devastating time to completely lose your personality and not be able to function and NOT KNOW WHY-- to not know "what is wrong with my brain/body" and yet wonder and fear the whole time if "this is just me and who I have become". Let me tell you right now those wondering thoughts are NOT true. For me, I had awareness that something was hugely wrong. But that's where the buck stopped--- no one knew what was happening to me. During this week's time that I became flat-affect, I was also not sleeping at night nor during the day and I felt no different during the day than I did at night. I remember wanting desperately to fall asleep at night but couldn't. Long story short, at the end of that week I was hospitalized for three weeks due to my condition and state of my thoughts. I was not much better when I came home, although some of the psychotic state was lifting, there was still much confusion, still somewhat flat-affect, and deep deep deep depression marked by no motivation or ability to make any sort of plan for my day.

All praise and glory to God for the protection and healing he brought through a mixture of medical help, family support, and TIME, I just now in October 2013 began to function and feel more like my pre-illness self. And my recovery has become more and more stable and improving since November. Finding joy, hope, and excitement in life with my family, friends, and God again. My witty personality and sense of humor returning. Regaining motivation and the ability to plan, decision-make, organize, clean, and do and enjoy other daily activities of LIVING again!!!!! :)

This is a very REAL illness that happens and RECOVERY DOES HAPPEN for mothers and their families affected by it. STAND BY HER and PRAY for her and yourself, and for guidance in how and where to receive medical help/talk therapy/etc.. HEALING WILL come. DO NOT LOSE HOPE!!!!! I am living proof of the healing that is possible and the power and strength of God to bring a mother and family through such a dark, scary, and debilitating condition.


Thank you so much for sharing your story Lil-D, I'm sure it'll give hope to Jothirajan & many more that recovery does happen. It shows that no matter how difficult & awful the PP is when you're in the midst of it, that you will come through it & you can 'find joy, hope, and excitement in life' again, just like you did.


Dear Lil-D

Many thanks on writing to me. How long you have been with PP?. My wife was almost 6 months, still she is talking on the negative things, she is taking each activities as negative. If someone came to my home she will call it as negative, and dont want anyone to pick my kid.

Regarding your above statement


" 1.) becoming over emotional/angry/violent or 2.) going emotionally numb or flat affect. With me, I was in the latter category (2.)"

She is type 1

Actually she didt even think of the kid, but if someone asked or saw any kid she will look for him. Currently i have set her with her grandmothers' home, i thought she need a place where no one will be negative (according to her), i am making visits often to their place, but she is still the same, while referred to doctors they said "It will cure stage by stage". I dont know whether this is PP or something . She is TALKING TOO MUCH, but all the thing she is detailing is 90% true, but she is seeing in negative angle.

Before 10 days, i picked her to a shopping center in my bike, at the shop corner a Wedding function was held. People started to fire crackers and played the drums, at that point she became very emotional and started telling "Please get me back to home, and you made these guys to play and fire" what to tell? She was good when we started and got down while seeing something, Here i cant calculate what makes here down. Even i tried many thing, all it came to dark.

She is ordering peoples, she never do any helps to anyone, she became too fat, eating stuffs like anything. But her real face is some what same too (before PP), she never like to do anything, she is a Lazy girl, and never know the value of money.

I dont know how this is going to end, i will post here if anything comes GOOD. Whether there is any diet she need to take? any lithium foods? how to get her previous hormones back (sorry for bad question and bad english).


Hi Jothirajan,

I’m so sorry you & your family are having such an awful time at the moment. It must be very difficult being away from your wife while she’s at her Grandmother’s. It’s really good you’re visiting her every day – this’ll give you time to talk & reconnect with eachother.

PP is different for everyone & lots of things play a part in how long it takes to recover, things like how soon you were treated, correct medications, good professional & family support, your medical history etc. Not knowing how long PP would last was something I found particularly hard so I had to just take it day by day knowing that one day I would get better. For me, the first month was the worst & I still very fragile in the 6 months or so after that. I had a deep depression from around month 6–24. I’d say I felt well & happy again at 2yrs, although it took another year for me to lose the weight I’d gained & come to terms with everything. Please don’t feel disheartened if this sounds a long time, it’s different for everyone & you’ll notice plenty of small signs of recovery along the way.

Here’s what our website says about how long PP recovery can take.

“It can take 6 -12 months or more to recover from postpartum psychosis. The most severe symptoms tend to last 2 to12 weeks. The vast majority of women will recover fully. Postpartum psychosis is often followed by a period of depression, anxiety, and low social confidence. It can take time to come to terms with what has happened to you. It’s normal to feel some sadness for missing out on early motherhood. It can take time to rebuild confidence in relationships and friendships. Most women get back to feeling like their usual selves again.”

What medication is your wife taking & is she managing to take it regularly? Is she taking an anti-psychotic & being treated for depression or anxiety too? (Obviously we’re not professionals here & can’t offer any medication advice). Have you told her doctor her symptoms lately to see if her medication could be adjusted? Maybe with a little adjustment she’d feel more stable? Sorry, lots of questions there, don’t feel you have to answer them.

Try to be patient with your wife, it’s really hard for you both at the moment but your wife needs extra care, loving & support right now. The illness & medication could cause changes in your wife’s appetite, weight etc. but this can be sorted once she’s well so try not to worry about that – for now you can’t go wrong with a good, healthy & nourishing diet. When you’re ill especially with PP, it really affects your energy & motivation to do chores, help around the house, look after the baby or anything in fact (there were days I couldn't even get out of bed). So yes, try to be extra patient & not expect too much too soon. I really feel for husbands going through this because they have to be so strong & supportive at this time. Have a read through this Carer's Guide, particularly page 24 on wards, there's lots of info you might find helpful there:

Just remember, this isn't how it is forever, it will pass & she will get better! We're thinking of you & let us know how she's getting on.


Dear Andrea,

Thanks for your words, Yes actullay i am following as per the pdf in that site. The real fact is she is missing her little boy, he starts many things very cute, but she is not here to look around him.

Regarding your questions:


1) Yes she is taking medicines related to PP only

2) She is taking medicines herself, previously she reject eventhough we forced her to have, but now she is taking herself.

3) My doctor only confirmed this is PP, and there will be 2 round checkup each month. My doctor will look for her status and change the medicines, i will put the medicine names later.


Hello jothrajan

Good to hear from you. You are doing so well supporting your wife at this difficult time for everyone. It's so sad to hear she is missing her little boy. She has probably realised that if she takes her medication she will eventually be well again and able to enjoy family life. Mind you, I have to say that it's very difficult for your wife as she tries to fight this illness.

It's good to know your wife's doctor is keeping a check on her and will change the medication if needed. As has been said before it's very hard for you to watch your wife struggling to be well and missing your son. Please be assured that your wife will recover with time, your patience, care and medical support.

In the meantime make sure that you take care of yourself too. Keep in touch with the forum if you can. We are all here to help.


Dear All,

Hope you are all doing good.

Have shifted my wife to our home and she is with me all time. I can see a bit improvement in her, but still she is having negative thought. Improvement in arguments and scolding others, this time she didt talked but she is having in mind :) when i asked why you did it previously? she will tell that they are bad. So her negative attitude is not changed as of yet, but she stopped talking (A BIT). I can see she is laughing before TV, Cooking, Serving the kid.

She is sleeping for a long time, she will go to bed on 10PM and will be back on 9AM, and again she will have a noon sleep too :), all we know is "She need rest".

Let us see how the future days will come.


Hello jothrajan

Really good to hear that you can see a bit of improvement in your wife's condition. It's very hard for you but you have done such a good job to support and be patient. Believe me your 'kind girl' is there under the surface but it is an uphill battle for her having negative thoughts which she cannot control at the moment. It must be so good for you to see her laughing and interacting with your child, she's trying very hard to be well.

This illness is very tiring and so your wife will tend to sleep. The noon nap is a good idea too as while she is sleeping, as you say, she's resting, probably at the same time the baby is asleep? Rest assured she will be well again and so thankful that you were by her side through all these worrying days. Is your wife still having 2 check-ups each month with the doctor monitoring her medication?

Hopefully you will see more improvement in the future days. I know it's very difficult but try to rest yourself if you can as it's very tiring for you too.

Take very good care.


Dear Lilybeth,

Nice to see you again, while she is sleeping, my mom or my relatives will take care of my son. He started playing so she cant manage him alone, even i cant manage him alone :).

We wont give any tasks to her. Me and my mom will take of him most of the time, but she is trying to help us, but she is lazy. I know this is due to the medicines she is taking.

Yes we are still having medicines and her next turn will be on next 12 days.


Hi jothirajan

So good to hear that your wife is now home with you and you can see some improvement.

Well done for being so patient. I know it is hard to wait for her to be fully recovered, but she will get there with your love and support.

Yes she will be very tired and need a lot of sleep! I know this must be hard for you too. Is your baby sleeping all through the night now? Part of your wife's tiredness will be the medication and part is just the exhaustion of recovery. In time her sleep will become more normal, and it wilk help when her dr decides it is time to reduce her dose of medication a little.

I wonder if your wife's feelings about some people being 'bad' is also due to her illness. Sometimes women with PP become very suspicious of people they would usually trust. In time these feelings should fade and you will have your kind girl back.

Thank you for being in touch and well done for all the care and support you are giving your wife. Take good care of yourself too, and try to get some time where you have space just for yourself.



Dear Naomi,

Thanks for your reply. Yes my baby is sleeping well throughout the night, i am taking care of him from the starting. We dont disturb her while she is sleeping, and if she fell asleep she wont care for anything if my boy started to cry or anything. But i know this is hard time, but i dont think this is a big task for me to take care of my boy, such a cute cute lovely boy.


So glad you have such joy in your cute boy! I hope soon your wife will feel more of that joy too and will be able to do more of the care for him. As well as her medication she may have lost some confidence in relating to your little boy so it's good to ask her to help with his care - little bit at a time so she can find her confidence as a mum.

All the best



Hello jothrajan, Thank you so much for your reply.

It's good that you have the support of your family to help you. I'm sure your son is a delight. There is no set time to recovery, we all had the same diagnosis but each journey to recovery was different. As you say, your wife is not really lazy but the medication will have an effect. However, it is only a temporary illness so eventually your wife will fully recover and you will be able to enjoy many happy days together as a family.

Remember to take a break yourself. We are here to listen.


Dear All,

Hope all are doing well.

My wife is doing well in now a days. She is in normal condition, i didt see any negative look or arguments. She is taking care of herself, doing all the regular stuffs. But we didt stopped the medicines as our Specialist wants to continue for a year time, afternoon tablets were removed and the dose too decreased. Atleast i want her in this condition :).

Thanks for all the support, specially to Lilybeth, Naomi, Andrea. I will write down on our next phase of medicine cycle. Hope my report will be much helpful for someone

Note: Due to medicine she is now having some shakes in finger, whether this is due to dose will it be fine?

Thanks you.



I'm glad to hear things have gotten much better and are almost back to normal.

Well done for being such a great support for your wife and baby. It's such a difficult time for our families to see us so unwell.

I hope things only continue to get better with further reductions in her medication.


Hello Jothirajan,

That's great news things are so much better.

Re the shaking, just to say I had similar side effects from my medication though once used to the medication mine was mostly confined to having 'jumpy' or restless legs in the evenings. It did disappear when I came off the medication but do mention it to the specialist if it's a concern.

All the best.


I had some strange side effects with my medication too, mainly to do with my vision - the shakes & 'jumpy' legs seems to be fairly common. Yes Jothirajan, speak to your Dr if they don't settle down or are too much. If you know the name of the medication you can check the side effects & other info about it here:


Many thanks, sure in our next round i will let my specialist on this.


Hi Jothirajan, that's lovely to hear, thanks for letting us know. I'm so glad things are settling down & are more normal now, it does take time but you get there in the end. Your wife might still be feeling fragile & her confidence in herself & her mothering skills could be low, so she'll still need plenty of your support & reassurance - but it sounds like you're doing a great job looking after her. Well done!


Hello jothrajan,

So good to hear from you. You are always very welcome to any help or advice here. I'm really happy that your wife has improved so much that she is now taking care of herself and doing regular stuff. It must be such a relief for you and the family to have your 'kind girl' back?

Perhaps you could mention to the Specialist at the next appointment about the effects the medication is having on your wife with shaking? He / she will then be able to decide how to help.

Well done for showing such patience and caring, looking after your wife and son. It hasn't been easy for you but I'm very happy that so much has changed for the better and life's a little easier.

Take good care of yourself. We are all here for you.


Sure many thanks on this.


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