Just been discharged

Well I have had pp and was on a mbu. it was a fantastic place that got me better the staff were all brilliant with me and my son. It is the first time of me having pp and I've had two other children it was so scary I feel for all that have experienced this. love to u all out there if your going through it and just remember u will get better!

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  • Congratulations on being discharged. Scary is definitely the right word to describe it.

  • Hello Heather

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for your positive post which will be very helpful to other mums recovering from PP. I'm glad the MBU was a fantastic place for you to recover ...... it must have been very scary having had other children without suffering PP.

    Congratulations on being discharged. I'm sure you're enjoying all the comforts of home with your newborn son and family.

    Take care.

  • Hi Heather1404,

    Pleased to read your post - lovely to have such a positive message out there to others. Congratulations on being discharged, there can be ups and downs and ups with recovery - and you've come through it. Well done.

    Keep in touch.

    Jessie xx

  • Thank you Jessie xx

  • Hi heather

    congratulations on baby. So pleased for you of how positive you are! Keep it up it will help get you through recovery and is comforting for others too.

    always here to talk.

    take care x

  • Thank you I am remaining positive that this illness isn't gonna beat me!! Xx

  • Hey I'm in the same boat as you!! Feeling positive too! Now trying to move on with 'normal' life. Good luck to you too! :)

  • Well done you. It feels good doesn't it!! Xx

  • It feels great! I appreciate EVERYTHING!

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