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Depressed and scared

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Hi everyone,

I'm not doing good tonight. Can you guys keep me in your prayers. I need so much help. I don't want this anymore. I've never been so scared and depressed in my life. I'm suffering. 😔

15 Replies
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Hi Ashley, I'll be praying for you. I pray that the Lord will give you exactly what you need to get through this, and that things will be better for you very soon. Hang in there!

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Dear Ashley, thinking of you at this most difficult of times. I promise you it will pass. That feeling that you will be like this forever is part of the illness. It's a lie. Keep holding on. JHW

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Hold on, you will come through. Tell family how you are feeling. I kept a journal when I was really ill and then ripped it up when I was better. Take care

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Hi ashley I'm so sorry you're struggling. Like another person says it's the illness talking, it's a lie that you won't get better. I'm thinking and praying for you today. There is light inside you and it will get stronger and shine through. One of my favourite quotes when I was really struggling "the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it". Do please tell your family and doctor how you're feeling xx

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Stay strong. You will get better xxxxx

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Hi Ashley I really hope you will feel better soon

As the others have said it's the illness playing games with your head it used to do the same to me

You will get better and you will get through this xx

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Hi Ashley

Thinking and praying for you today. I hope that knowing others are thinking of you is supportive.

I too found it useful to read about some positive achievements in the bleaker times.

Take care xx

Me, too! My thoughts are going out to you with this little note. If you can, focus on something...such as painting, reading little poems, writing little feeling-notes...anything which stops you from mind-racing... When poorly, I paint!

Take good care of yourself,

Sabine x

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for your support. I just keep telling myself it's just bad thoughts and that's it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I just feel like it will never end. These thoughts are like telling me I want to do this but I know deep down I could or would never hurt anyone. I'm just so angry with this.

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Hi Ashley, the anger is such a natural feeling, as is the fear. But the anger shows that you are starting to overcome the fear, and that you will not let it beat you! Stay strong, we are thinking of you and wishing you all the best, take care, xx

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Ashley031 in reply to Hannah_at_APP


Thank you. I just feel like I'm not normal to have such thoughts. It's like my head telling me to do stuff that I would never want to do. Why won't it go away?

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Hello again Ashley031,

All I can say is that it is the illness, I know it's frustrating and feels at times like it won't change. I was so impatient to get better! But it can and will, recovery from pp can be hard at times but you can get there. We are here to listen and have been there too. Hang in there. Take care, xx

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Ashley031 in reply to Hannah_at_APP

How long did it take to recover?

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Hannah_at_APPPartner in reply to Ashley031

Hi Ashley031, I am re-typing this as I don't think it posted last night, sorry.

Recovery from PP is different for us all, as is the experience of the illness, although with some common themes I have found. For me, I spent 3 months in hospital and was well enough to come home, but wasn't fully recovered, that took some further time and I was on meds for 3 years in all. I went back to work after 9 months, as planned, but this was probably too soon as my confidence wasn't there and I found it a struggle. But in the meantime I had enjoyed many things, days out, time with my family and my baby's christening. I probably felt better for some things sooner than others and the confidence was what took longest to return. I definitely felt fully recovered after some further time back at work and also had another child and stayed well, which was another milestone.

APP have produced a Recovery Guide, which you can find here: It has been written by women who have been there and collects some information which you may find useful, and to share with others too as it may help explain what you are experiencing.

Recovery can be ongoing and for a lot of PP women, there is a renewed sense of wellbeing and somehow ensuring that it is maintained, in minimising stress and living a simpler or less hectic life for example. I know that I am careful not to take on too much or allow things to stress me out, as it is not worth risking my health.

Please know that you can get better, it can take time, but you will get there. And in the meantime, we are here to chat and share experiences. Take care, we are all thinking of you, xx

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Praying For You!

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