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Scared and confused on telling my friends about pps

I have had pps after my only first child, year and half ago, the scary insane period lasted for almost a month, I was admitted to the hospital for three weeks, and the meds for a year, and I feel like I want to share the experience with my friends but I'm afraid of the consequences, how they will look at me, is it going to affect my future with them, tell me about your friends and what you think about it 🌷❤️

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Hi 12MaNooo

I had PP 3 years ago after the birth of my first and only child and I still struggle to talk to friends about the experience. I've briefly mentioned snippets to a couple of close friends, I haven't really felt judged as such, but I have felt that they just don't get it at all. I think if you haven't experienced it yourself, it's impossible to understand. So, I haven't gone into detail with any of them and there's only a couple that know that I ended up in the general psych centre, but they still don't really understand why.

I feel it's cathartic to talk about it though, so it does make it a bit hard when there's nobody that understands, but that's where I find this forum so useful. x


Like you said its a struggle to talk or not, talking gives me relief and comfort but they may just get scared of me or they can't deal with it, I remember once I gave Too much info and the other person didn't respond like I was expected so I regret it until know.


Hi 12manooo,

I was very open with people when I came out of the mother and baby unit and back to home, 6 years ago now. In retrospect I wish I'd been a bit more cautious, especially with people I really didn't know that well. I think the thing to remember is that once the info is out there, it's not in your control any more. A little at a time, to the people who are most important to you is probably the way to go. Also, if you are the sort of person to plan, you could decide how much you are comfortable with people knowing and that way retain some control. If you have access to any talking therapies, they can be really helpful at helping you decide on exactly these kinds of issues. Wishing you all the best, JHW

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Know after your reply and maxi0501 I'm convinced not to talk about it without further thinking I would probably settle for talking with close family members only, thank you for your advice 🌷❤️



I had pp with my first child in 2013 an I did not talk about it much to my friends, I just said I was ill and hat to go to hospitals for s bit. Then a year later I had pp agen out side of pregnancy (relaps) after that time I did start to talk about it to some of my friends. I did not tell them everything. As some things are too embarrassing and I don't think they would understand. If that are good friends they will stick by you. It does help to talk about it to others and it also makes them more aware about mental health.

Good look xx


I hope you get well and never get it again, I have told some that I got postpartum depression not the truth just to see how they react and I don't think I should tell them, wish you all the best 🌹


Hi 12MaNooo,

I had pp in 2013 and didn't talk much about it to anyone, not even close family for quite a while after. Now all my family & nearly all my close friends know as talking is definitely part of the road to recovery. I was embarrassed at first, didn't want people to think I was mad! But over time, I realised that if they're your true friends, they'll stick by you whatever. No one likes talking about 'mental health' it really is hard unless one has been through it, it's impossible for others to understand. I wish you all the best for the future. Anna xx


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