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Feeling bleak

I am feeling low after having had a bipolar episode over the summer. Triggered by Brexit of all things - but exacerbated by breastfeeding and the wear and loneliness of caring for two small children. I feel I need to go on some antidepressants to help lift my mood but I'm afraid that they might stimulate me to go high again. Will my low mood lift by itself? What can I do to help myself without drugs? Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hello Pencarian

Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry you're feeling low after a bipolar episode. I don't have experience of bipolar so I can't really offer any advice. This forum is for mums who are recovering from Postpartum Psychosis (PP) which strikes in the very early days following childbirth. Are you also suffering from PP?

After my second PP I did suffer a long episode of depression with very low moods. Perhaps if you speak to your GP he can refer you for counselling, which is a good way to speak to a professional stranger about your worries. You might consider a course of antidepressants if you have to wait for such a service as it is very hard to lift your mood without help.

You might also find relaxation techniques helpful? Mindfulness meditation seems to be popular; or just going for a long walk with your children to the park might lift your spirits.

Try not to isolate yourself. Is there someone you can ring to be with you? Do you have a Health Visitor for support?

Stay safe and take care.

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Dear Pencarin,

I am empathizing with your low time, as I struggle with mood swings. Although I have not been diagnosed with bi-polar, I have to cope with extreme hyperactivity and other symptoms throughout the menstrual cycle. This has been the case since I have suffered Post Partum Psychosis in 2010. Did you have PPP?

I believe I am in agreement with all the points already mentioned below by Lilybeth.

It is important to seek help. Despite being very poorly at the time I was encouraged to go out visiting sure start activities/play groups with my baby in order to talk to mums and professionals. Despite different mental health issues in your and my case I only can recommend to make regular contacts with your GP. Community centres are useful, where you can receive advise and information (talk to a person/leaflets/brochures) such as contacts of professionals for mental health, activities within your local area etc... I used to attend groups run by Mind and I also participated and volunteered in a support group run by the Somerset Partnership (NHS).

Yes, meditation, walks and anything you are interested in which could uplift your mood or enhance calmness and tranquility, if required, such as in my situation.

Take good care of yourself ;-),


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Hi, it's always rough coming down from a high and feeling depressed is never a great experience. I agree with everyone else that a really good first step would be to see your GP, who can refer you for counselling or CBT etc. They might refer you to a psychiatrist as well (if you're not seeing one already) and they could give you an opinion on if medication is appropriate or not - most drugs for bipolar disorder (and PP) are primarily anti-manics, and they stop you going too "up" but there is definitely pharmacological treatment for bipolar depression if you wanted to go down that route. Just remember that no mood lasts forever, and you'll eventually start to feel better - and you'll feel much better, much quicker, if you do work hard to stay well (as hard as that is!!).


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