Happy New Year

As awful as it was, going through PND AND PPP has made me proud to be a part of this selective group of women. I know what it is like to crumble. I know what it is like to live through Hell. I know what it is like to really find out the meaning of "giving up". I know what its like to have your mind completely betray you and attempt to destroy you. I know what it is like to consider looking death in the face.

I also know what it is like to completely rediscover myself. As a woman, as a mother, as an individual. I have accepted what has happened to me and feel empowered that I have been strong enough to survive the depths of a living Hell and come out not only ok....but better. I will never be the same. And that is ok. I never take even the most mundane day for granted anymore. Because I once thought I would never live to see another day at all. Hold strong ladies. Very few can experience the hand we have been dealt yet continue to push forward day in and out. But we are. I am proud of you all.

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  • Hello EMTmom4.

    A very happy New Year to you too and what a beautiful family picture.

    I too am very proud to be part of what has become a virtual group of friends although my psychoses were in the 70's and 80's. As you say we have all been through Hell but thankfully made it back to appreciate the life we have and the joy of our children.

    Sadly there are mums who are at this moment in the grip of PP but I'm sure your words will give them hope. It's a very frightening illness to endure and for those around us to witness but we are all here to lean on.

    Be very proud that with true grit, support and determination you made it!!!!!

  • Thank you. I think you've said it all xx

  • Thank you for a beautiful and hopeful post. X

  • Wow EMTmom4, what a beautiful post & a beautiful photo!

    "I never take even the most mundane day for granted anymore....", I feel this way & I know a lot of others do too - it can make all the small everyday things really special & we seem to appreciate them much more. Also, "I will never be the same. And that is ok". Yes! I'm far happier & more balanced now.

    Thank you for posting this & giving others hope. :-)

  • My thoughts exactly, xoxo

  • These experiences give us wisdom! Thank-you for sharing yours.

  • <3 Thank you so much for your very kind reply's ladies. Finding this site and just knowing I am not alone and will be ok has been such an advocating factor on my path of recovery...As I'm sure you can all agree..

    Hugs xoxo

  • Thank you for this post, you've hit the nail on the head, I feel more alive now after going through the dark hell that is PP than I ever did before. Happy new year!

  • Thank you for this very inspiring and beautiful post with such a strong message of hope xx

  • EMTmom4, thank you, what an eloquent and inspiring kick off to 2014.

    I too am truly honoured to be a part of this special community.


    JonesieB x

  • Happy new year! What a beautiful post. I am sure this will get better with the right medication, therapy, and hope and faith as well. I am so glad to have you ladies on this journey with me! (Even though I would not wish anyone to go through PP)

  • Thanks for posting this, as other have said I was really touched by the sentiment, and it's amazing how similar experiences are. You have somehow managed to express everything I've felt about my experience of PP. Even though I went through hell, I too feel that not only did I come out ok but better, as you've said. Aren't we all amazing? :)

    Happy new year ladies, and prayers and thoughts are with anyone who is struggling X

  • As a dad having witnessed the hell that is PP I know what a journey it is for the person suffering. Beautiful words and a beautiful picture that made me smile :-) hope others can draw inspiration from this too :-)

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