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Help.!! Daughter is threatened with being sectioned !


As you all know my daughter has been admitted to a M&BU and has been getting on OK in there..until she has started asking to come home..the voices seemed to have eased off and she is much more herself..

Yesterday the staff asked what would make her happy and she replied, going home..I just want to go which the Dr was called and told her they are holding a meeting this morning to get her sectioned !!!

Its to "protect" her rights?? I am so stressed as I really dont understand why they feel the need for this..its not like she is going to walk out of the unit..she has been in lots of mental health units and no matter whats going on she has never left until discharged..

I feel like this is a huge thing but that could be because I dont understand it and it scares me..

can anyone offer me some guidance on this?? I find it hard to believe they would section her for wanting to go home..??? I understand they have a duty of care to the baby along side her..and trust me we wouldn't be wanting her to come home until we feel she is ready..they have said she can have home leave tomorrow and confused as to what everything means..

Can you tell I'm stressed?????

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Hi redrosie

It’s great you’ve come here to get support. First of all it’s really good to hear that your daughter is doing better and is getting on well in the unit and that home leave is being planned, that’s so positive.

It’s really understandable that you’re concerned about her being sectioned and what that means. First of all I’d really reassure you that mums being sectioned after experiencing pp is really normal, I imagine that the majority of mums on this forum were sectioned. I myself wasn’t so I can’t offer much personal experience, I hope others may be able to share their experience.

I would suggest first just asking the staff at the mbu to really explain why they may want to do it, don’t be afraid to ask all these questions and get the answers you need. I am sure they have good reasons for doing so, but you sharing your experience of your daughter and how she hasn’t ever discharged herself from hospital may be helpful to them, for example. It could be that they are concerned she may discharge herself when they don’t feel she is ready, and like you say they need to consider the safety and well-being of her baby too. I am sure they will absolutely have the best interests of your daughter in mind.

I also thought you may find it helpful to read the information about sectioning on the mind website. It may answer some of the questions , and give you some understanding of what it means.

Take care red Rosie, and do be reassured, your daughter really is in the right place in the MBU and as I said, don’t be afraid of asking them lots of questions. Perhaps just ask them if they have 10 minutes to just explain the sectioning process, and what it means, and why they are considering it?

Thinking of you


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Hi Ellie,

She has been sectioned for 28 days on a section 2... they were concerned that as a voluntary patient that she would just leave with its been done to protect her and them..

It just seemed a very harsh way to go about things..she asked to go home and that was their response .. so the meeting today was for them to do this.. the said she can still come home tomorrow as planned and out again on Monday depending on how it goes tomorrow..

I feel really angry at the way they went about this even if I understand the reason now its been explained ..

Her dad was with her but he was not allowed in the meeting so daughter was alone with 2 drs and 2 social workers..bit overwhelming even if you dont have mental health problems !!

Her dad stayed with her for a couple of hours after the meeting to ensure she was ok..

Sorry if I came across as a hysterical


Hello RedRosie36,

Good to hear that you found out more information about your daughter's section. Perhaps it's the procedure they have to follow, although it must have been upsetting for your daughter at the time.

I was sectioned but very unwell so I didn't realise what was happening but was an involuntary admission. I was sectioned at my parents' home as I was staying with them at the time. Then from there I was admitted to A&E and eventually into mixed general psychiatric care. I wasn't communicating and suspicious of everyone. It's good to hear your daughter is recovering with the specialist care at the MBU. I can remember those meetings and how overwhelming it all felt to see four or five professionals sitting opposite me.

You're a very caring Momma and not hysterical at all. It's so understandable if things are happening but not explained. I'm sure your daughter is looking forward to going home tomorrow and I hope you have a relaxing time together.

Take care of yourself too. xx

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I was sectioned myself from hospital they took me to royal glam place it wasn't very nice there but after six days they moved me to mother and baby uniting the only thing is it was in Bournemouth which I from south Wales I glad u daughter allowed to go home for couple of days I was allowed home after two weeks I was on medication for a year I went of the medication myself keep me posting how u daughter is


Dear Redrosie.

I was sectioned but do not recall anything about it as I was so ill. I voluntarily went into an mbu some months later and they take going home very seriously. My initial section was changed several times and I was granted leave from the psych unit with my mum and husband. I went out with staff at the mbu. When i was at the mbu I came home for a night, then a weekend, then a week but I always knew I had a bed in the mbu which was really helpful in aiding my recovery. I did find the transition coming back home hard as there is not the same supports in place and there is no stress or anything to deal with in the unit as you are protected from everday life. if you have any questions please feel free to msg me.

Best wishes Marie x

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Hi red Rosie

You’re not hysterical at all, and the questions you’re asking aren’t unreasonable at all. It sounds like sectioning is something that would need to have been done, I’m glad all the home visits are going ahead. It is strange that her dad wasn’t allowed in the meeting with your daughter, I think that’s a good question to ask, though of course the event has passed now.

I hope your daughter continues to recover and the home visits go well.



Hello RedRosie,

yes, please! Do not feel that your questions are unreasonable. Even though apparently voluntarily sectioned, I can not remember much.

A lot of people had been involved such as my partner, his dad and my surrogate mum, including the crisis team. I was terribly poorly, but they were able to bring me voluntarily to hospital where I was sectioned as so terribly poorly.

My partner always had been interacting with relevant professionals, but it does not mean that communication was necessarily straight forward with them. He was trying to visit me on a daily basis and on some occasions with our baby son, depending on how I was doing.

After 39 days meds were finally established and I was slowly and gradually improving with traditional anti-psychotics. My partner continued looking after me full time at home for another 6 months and gradually afterwards I learnt to look after myself and of course my son. I weaned off those meds after 1 year.

It is a long road, but your daughter will improve in time. Hang in there super mum x


Hello RedRosie36

Just wondering how your daughter is since your post? I hope she is slowly improving and you have been able to relax a little together when she has been on home leave.

Take care .... we are all here to support you.


Yes, we are thinking of you and your daughter, RedRosie.

Wishing you well and hope your daughter will gradually improve at her pace.



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