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World mental health day

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I wanted to say something about world mental health day. Sometimes when you have a mental health condition every day can feel like world mental health day as your focus is on getting through the day and then giving yourself a huge pat on the back that you survived another day.

As someone who’s recovered from psychosis and felt relatively well in between each psychotic episode in the 20 years I’ve had bipolar I wanted anyone who’s struggling right now to know that you can recover from it and feel happy and things will get better and there will be a day you will look back on the time you were unwell and feel pride for the strength and character you had to pull yourself out of it

Motherhood brings so many challenges good and bad and there are actually many positives although we never think of it that way, to living with a mental health condition

When you battle anxiety and depression or psychosis I have found that the kindness people can show to you sticks in your mind and you become very grateful towards the people who stood by your side

As a person you become very compassionate and empathetic to other people and can find yourself sometimes able to say something to someone else who is struggling that can help them and the more people who understand mental health issues the better- one day you might help somebody else without even realising it

And with regards to the guilt we can all feel as mothers wondering if we are doing a good enough job, one day your three year old will out of the blue tell you she’s proud of you like mine did (or some other memorable moment) for no particular reason and you’ll have a lightbulb moment that actually you’re doing a fantastic job and your children are proof of that

Please remember that everyone has bad days and a bad day does not make you a bad mum


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this is so beautifully written. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I completely understand and can share compassion, as some of my struggles are often like that, exactly the way you describe.

Take good care of yourself, have to bring my son to bed...good night!


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Becciandbump in reply to Pikorua

Sleep well xxx

Also, your child grows up eventually! And you will feel even more pride as they begin their own lives and you realise what your struggle was all for.

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Becciandbump in reply to mikefff

Exactly and you can know that because of your struggles if your child ever struggles with life you’ll have the skills to support them because you’ve been there x

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Such a beautiful post, and so so true, thanks so much for writing it XX

Thanks for all the support you gave me over the past year I wouldn’t have been able to be the mummy I am today without some of everyone’s lovely messages of support x

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Ah that’s amazing, so glad you found us 😊

This is so true. Thank you so much for sharing it. Lots of love to everyone out there. Altouhgh i dont feel like this most the time, we are all pretty amazing. Xxx

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Hi again,

yes, a support network such as the APP forum with mums who have experienced such a traumatic illness is a life saver.

I am so happy to be in contact with such a lot of wonderful amazing mums.

Best wishes to you Becci and all forum mums.


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