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Anyone ever use Zoloft after psychosis symptoms dwindled and depression/anxiety set in?

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My wife's psychosis is gone and she seems to have moved on to depression and anxiety. Our family doctor prescribed Zoloft. This is her third day taking it. The anxiety seems to be gone, but she is more depressed. Any one have experience on Zoloft?

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Yes, after the psychosis was gone, I was left very depressed and very anxious. And zoloft (sertraline) totally got me back on my feet. I took it until I fell pregnant again 2 years later. The first 3 weeks of taking it (50mg) I had terrible side-effects (felt even more anxious) but then everything balanced out, and it made a huge difference to my well being. It's common after the mania/delusional state to end of up low and anxious, and I certainly did. But I was completely back to normal within 3 or 4 weeks of taking it. I hope your wife's experiences are similar to mine with it. Good luck.

She's starting to have "pockets" of great moments where she's mentioned feeling herself. Today is day 7 on sertraline. Her anxiety cleared up pretty quickly, but the depression seems a bit greater. Her biggest struggle is the intrusive thoughts. She knows it is not herself to be thinking that way, but it is hard for her to get away from the terrible thoughts.

Give it time, it really took me at least 3 weeks to get any benefits at all then I really felt back to my old self quickly after that. So fingers crossed this happens for her too. But do get her to persist!

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Hi Littleai05, yes as Joanna says it does take time. How's your wife getting on now, have things settled down? It's great that she's having great moments, as time goes on these will get closer together & you'll start to see improvements more often. The intrusive thoughts are very difficult to deal with & the guilt that comes with them is awful - it does all go though. It's good that she knows they're not real & it's the illness making her think those things & not herself. If they haven't eased up yet it'd be a really good idea to see her GP or psychiatrist if she's got one. Does she see a psychiatrist or have contact with a care team/community psychiatric nurse (CPN) at the moment?

There's lots of about Zoloft (sertaline) & side effects etc. here:

I hope this helps, take care & let us know how you/she is getting on.

My wife is back! Our GP has helped lower her Haldol to where she is now taking only 1mg. This Wednesday he plans on lowering to .5 mg! It really zapped her personality after the psychosis was gone. She is only on 25 mg of sertraline (child's dose!) and it really helped get past the anxiety and depression. She's already herself!!

Hi that's great news, really happy your wife is feeling better!

Fab news littleai05! Do good to hear about these latest updates and that the meds are working and reductions are going well. I bet you're feeling better about things too, I know I could see my husband's stress and worry (even through a medication "fog") reduce when I started to come back to my old self. It may be some time still til things are back to how you both want them to be, but I know you will be there for each other and that really comes through from your updates. Such good news for you both, please feel free to keep popping back with updates or further questions as and when you need to. Your wife might find some good info and resources on here too. Take care

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