Action on Postpartum Psychosis

Fancy a chat on Twitter? #PPTalk

Tomorrow Weds 17th we're having a chat on Twitter & would love it if you could join us. The topic is: “What would you say to someone newly diagnosed with PP? What do you wish you'd been told? What info is most helpful?”.

Please help us encourage people to talk openly & publicly about PP by joining in, talking about the issues that really matter to you & telling it how it really is. You can just listen in if you like but even better, be brave & join in – we’d love to hear your thoughts & insights! The chats are open to anyone affected by or with an interest in PP, who has/had PP, partners, families or professionals.

The chats are 8-9pm (GMT) & we use our hashtag ‘#PPTalk’. (please use this hashtag freely anywhere on Twitter)

We’ve found the previous chats really enjoyable, interesting & open & it’d be wonderful to make them a regular slot. We can’t do it without you though, so do please help us spread the word by promoting the chats whenever / wherever you can.

If you’re new to twitter or twitter chats there’s some information here, so dive in & give it a go:

Don’t forget to add #PPTalk (with a space before & after) to every tweet so we don’t miss any & add plenty of other hashtags if you can too.

If you have any suggestions for future topics please comment here; the timetables of previous topics are posted on our Facebook page.

So do pop in if you can, see you at 8pm. Looking forward meeting & chatting with you out in the ‘twttersphere!’

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I absolutely love APP's fortnightly twitterchats and would highly recommend them. It always feels like we are really helping to spread the word about PP and reduce the stigma attached to talking about mental illness.

Recently I haven't been able to join in due to illness and have really missed it. Hope to join you tomorrow night if I am well enough, but if not will be back as soon as I can.


I'm hoping to be there for the Twitterchat too, traffic allowing from a last minute work related commitment. The Twitterchats are useful allowing shared experience and we've had some good reach recently, it'd be great to "see" folk there!


Hi have joined twitter just to participate but haven't managed to so far, still settling my boy to sleep. will try and make it tomorrow though!


Hi SunnyandWild, it will be great to have you on the twitter chat later only it you can make it though. Any problems with using twitter send me a message and I will try and help. My twitter account is @PPSurvivor.

Really hope to have you there later.

It's going to be a really interesting chat!


Hi just to say I really enjoyed the chat on wednesday night - I'm Ellie Ware on Twitter, and managed to join for the last half hour or so. Will try and make future chats too, thanks all.


Hi sunnyandwild, it was great you could join us & thanks for taking part :-)


I'm really looking forward to the twitter chat this Thurs 15th Aug. We'll be talking about relationships after PP: how PP can affect relationships with your partner/friends/family & re-establishing roles etc. It should be a really interesting chat so please join us 8-9pm & share your thoughts. Please spread the word, support us if you can & carry on using our hashtag ‘#PPTalk’ wherever possible so we can see all your posts. Many thanks :-)


Hope the Twitter chats will be continuing as fortnightly events - I think the time interval works well. What's the topic for the next one on 29th?


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