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Would you like 1 to 1 emails with a volunteer who has recovered from PP?

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Sometimes an open forum like this isn't what you need. Its good to read the posts, but you might want to communicate with someone personally. If you'd like to talk over email with a trained peer supporter – all of whom have recovered from PP- please complete the registration form below for this free service.

* The PPTalk one-to-one email service is for those with personal experience of Postpartum Psychosis, their partners or family members. (For those who have been diagnosed with PP, this service is most suitable once you have been discharged from hospital and are on the path to recovery.)

* All peer support volunteers have themselves recovered from PP (or are the partner of someone who has recovered) and have received training in peer support. Volunteers are “experts by experience” and are not counsellors or health professionals and cannot give professional advice. The service should not replace that of your GP or mental health professionals.

*Once you have registered for the service, you will be matched with a volunteer based on the information you have given. The Volunteer will aim to contact you within 3 days. Volunteers give a few hours of their time to APP each week and therefore may not be able to respond to emails immediately.

You can read the terms & conditions here: app-network.org/peer-suppor...

Register for the free email support service here: app-network.org/one-to-one-...

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Hi Andrea,

I recovered from my PP a long while ago and for a long time have felt that it would be good and rewarding to support someone else through a similar experience. Would it be possible to register my interest in becoming a peer support volunteer? Also is there any information available about becoming a volunteer?

Many Thanks

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Samanthal in reply to Fairygold

Can you please email me i have been reciving treatment for about 2 weeks now

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andrea_at_appVolunteer in reply to Samanthal

Hi Samanthal,

Well done for reaching out at what must be a difficult time for you. I'm sure you'll get plenty of comfort & tips from our peer supporters either here or by 1 to 1 emails. If you register here & tell us a little about your experience, we'll connect you with someone who's been where you are now & understands: app-network.org/email-suppo...

Hang in there, everything really will be OK x

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Hi Fairygold,

It's really great you're interested in becoming a Peer Supporter, we're always looking to expand the team! We're holding a Volunteering event soon where we can meet potential volunteers (for all areas including Peer Support) & you can find out more about getting involved. If you're interested it'd be great if you can make it (husbands/partners can come too), just email ruth@app-network.org for more info. Details here: app-network.org/news-events...

If you can't make it to the event, if you email andrea@app-network.org I can give you more info.

It really is such an important & worthwhile thing to do! Thanks for your interest :-)

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If you've registered for this service in the last day or so & not yet received a reply, could you please check the email address you supplied & re-register with a valid one. Many thanks & we'll be in touch soon.

Hi Andrea, I'm just checking did you get my reply email I sent you about the 1 to 1 service. Thanks Maria

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andrea_at_appVolunteer in reply to maryraff

Hi Maria, yes we received your registration OK & our Peer Supporter emailed you last Weds. If you haven't had it, please check your spam folder to make sure it didn't go in there. If it did go in spam, best mark it as 'not spam' so the next ones don't end up there too. Let me know if you got it OK. Ax

Hello, I applied a few weeks ago but haven't heard from anyone. No hurry but I wondered if I might need to provide some more information? Or perhaps I'm not suitable for the service, if so I understand completely.

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Hello ontheup

I'm sorry about this, I thought you were having one to one emails. I'll check for you. This is a good service which might be more helpful to you so never worry about not being suitable. We are all here to help in the meantime.

Take good care and I hope you have a better day today. Stay safe.

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Hi Ontheup, I'm sorry for any confusion, I thought it best we carry on our regular private messaging through here rather than connecting you with a volunteer who might not be available so much. If you'd rather email away from the forum or be connected with a volunteer, that's totally fine, whatever is best for you. Just private message me & we'll chat about what you'd prefer. Well done for checking x

Just to say I had one to one private messaging from a lovely volunteer during my 2nd pregnancy and after, and it really helped tremendously. Thanks APP

That's brilliant to hear, JoannaBrooks xxx

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Hi Joanna,

I just wanted to say thanks as well for your feedback, it's so good to hear how helpful it was. And also to let everyone know that this one to one support with a peer support volunteer is still available if anyone is interested. You need to live in the UK to qualify.

The link is not working. Is this service still available?

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Jenny_at_APPAdministrator in reply to Learninglion

Hi Learninglion

Yes this service is still available. We’ll fix the link in this thread, the information is on APP’s website here: app-network.org/one-to-one-...

Best wishes,

Jenny x

Hi Andrea, I just submitted a request for 1-to-1 email support etc.. I am not sure if my request was received or not as there was a blank page shown after I sent the request form.

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Ellie_at_APPAdministrator in reply to Juniper12

Hi juniper12 I’ve received your request, thanks so much. I think we’ve been in touch by email. I’ll look into whether we can make sure there’s not a blank page after the request form is sent.



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