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Has APP campaigning throughout July had any effect on you?

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Has anyone noticed any impact or changes in the last month with the increased exposure of PP with APP as finalists in the National Lottery awards? Has anyone found us because of the awards? Has the Lottery campaigning opened up any conversations with wider family/friends about your/your partner's PP? If so, how was it received, any good or bad responses?

We want to evaluate the impact of the campaign, the increased press & social media coverage & in local communities etc. & need your help to do this. There was a recent thread here about the increased activity in this community which was lovely to read & we're wondering if anyone has noticed anything else? If it's affected you in any way, big or small, please tell us about it, we'd love to hear from you! Thank you.

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Hi Andrea -

On a personal level I always enjoy joining in these campaigns. I got to go on TV (Victoria Derbyshire show) and talk about my experience, and speak to a big newspaper. It has definitely opened up lots and lots of individual conversations too, where I have explained what PP is and how I recovered.

I think it has reminded my friends and family about the issue as well.

Well done APP!

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andrea_at_appVolunteer in reply to KatG

Thanks for your comments KatG. It opened up so many individual conversations for us too - we're trying to capture them now. If you can remember any particular instances, we'd love to hear about them. Telling your PP story on the Victoria Derbyshire show was excellent too - you were amazing!

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Sarah2015 in reply to KatG

Well done you for being so open! I'm in awe.

Yes I just found you because I was sent an email from Birmingham university about the award. I must have been on an old mailing list. So good to connect with others who have had the illness. I have never met anyone who has heard of it let alone suffered from it.

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Hi Andrea,

I'd never said anything directly about my PP on Facebook before and I sent an email to a few people at work, some of whom knew about my illness and some who didn't. There was resounding silence from some but I also received some really lovely, supportive replies (and votes!).

It was a great opportunity to raise awareness (my email included some GPs too) and it's great to see more activity here on the forum.

Well done to APP and to all those brave ladies who shared their stories in the media.

I live in the US and had PP in 2011 after our son was born. It has been a very isolating experience with no group to really understand what we went through. Many have said "oh postpartum depression I know someone who went through that" I smile but it is completely different from our experience.

I typed in Postpartum Psychosis into a search about a month ago expecting to see the same old vague articles and lack of information. I was surprised and excited to find this group as the 3rd link in the search. I believe that your campaigning has really helped bring this group to all of us who need support for PP


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andrea_at_appVolunteer in reply to K8Stack

Thank you so much for your comments K8Stack, It's great to hear you found us 3rd in your search list. I clearly remember a similar comment I had to your postpartum depression one, I had, "Oh, the baby blues? I had that too" :-o!

Yes the isolation is really awful & can still be even for those who had PP many years ago, that's why it's so important we have this place to 'chat' all things PP. I'm so pleased you found us, welcome to the group!

Hi Andrea

As a result of the APP National Lottery Award campaign I contacted all my friends, family and previous work colleagues via private Facebook message or email, which was a big step for me.

This was the first time I had referred to my PP from when my son was born in 1988. I think that most people who knew me at the time were aware that I was unwell at the time of my son’s birth, but didn’t know that I had experienced PP. I was pleasantly surprised with the response, particularly from my wider family (cousins, in-laws etc.)

I know that my sister who lives in New Zealand (who I had never talked to about my PP before) was following the APP campaign on Facebook. My daughter has also had conversations about PP with her boyfriend and his Mum. Another friend, who isn’t at all comfortable with talking about mental health issues, shared that she had voted for APP on Facebook because she wanted to support me as a friend.

I also went to the Good Hope hospital summer fete for the APP campaign and had some brilliant conversations with people. I am normally a reserved person but I was amazed how bold I have become when it comes to speaking to people about the wonderful work that APP are doing. The National Lottery campaign gave me a very easy reason to be talking to these complete strangers.

It has felt very cathartic to me to be able to refer to the elephant in the room from 27 years ago! I guess unless we bring the subject up, no-one else is going to. The campaign gave me that opportunity to have these conversations which I probably wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Shame that we didn’t win, but ‘way to go APP’ for coming such a close second, what a brilliant achievement :-)

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andrea_at_appVolunteer in reply to Mungomia

Wow, thanks for your comments Mungomia, the campaign has had a massive personal impact on you - all for good it sounds! I can only imagine how cathartic that must have felt talking about that 27 year old elephant - way to go you!! x

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Wow Mungomia, really moved to read your post... amazing that it triggered so many conversations for you with family and friends... X

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Hi everyone, I think the campaigning was really important in getting more coverage and awareness and seems to have been successful in that. Yes I think I've had more conversations and sharing the Facebook images were good I think. I also linked in with a couple of local papers to "tell my story" which has produced some lovely reactions and feedback too.

It's great to hear the positive effects from others too. I hope that the momentum continues and increases to raise more awareness and support for more women and families. Xx

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