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Hi everyone,

We know how important connecting with others who've had similar experiences to yourself really is & how vital this fabulous community is in helping us 'talk' to people who really understand. It's wonderful seeing that when the time is right, some are then meeting face to face with others nearby who've they've met on here. It's always a poignant time when you finally meet another PP mum in person, I clearly remember the first other PP mum I met all those years ago & we're still in touch to this day (you know who you are!) :)

We'd like to know how many members here have done this & met face to face with someone they connected with through APP or here on the forum? This would really help with our numbers of women who've met face to face through us, for our final peer support evaluation report.

So if you've have a face to face meet up that we don't know about, please comment & let us know about it.

Many thanks all xx

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  • I met a lady with pp about 3 months after having pp, I just over another lady saying that a family member had pp and I asked if she could pass on my number. It was lovely to talk to someone to fully understand. Unfortunately we are not really in contact anymore.

  • Hi betty2014, that's great you found another PP mum through chance & you met up. Being open about it if you're able to, does seem to help with these connections - as soon as you start talking about it it's surprising how often people say, 'oh I/my mother/friend/sister/aunt had that!'.

  • I have only met one other person in my country that has had pp but didn't meet her through forum, was through mental health support service. I asked my psychiatrist about any support groups for pp women here but there is none apparently! Crazy! I would love to meet some of the women who ive talked to on here as so many of you have been a great support to me! Shame you are all so far away!

  • Yes it is a shame we're all so far away, one day I'd love a trip to New Zealand though! Yes there is such a need to meet others who understand what you've been/are going through, it's a real shame there are so few opportunities for this to happen & more so where you are. Things are changing here in the UK though & hopefully it'll change everywhere else soon too - I think it's just a matter of time. If we have any more mums in New Zealand, we now know where to direct them :)

  • Hi Andrea! I met up with Debbie and Charlotte for a lunch in London a couple of months ago. We all met up at the art weekend in Devon and it was good to catch up once again, find out what each other's issues were and where we were with them. I think it may become a fixture, with Reading suggested as the next venue! Xx

  • Hi Andrea, me again! I also have had a couple of very nice coffees with Anna Jones who is our regional rep for APP. She was unable to attend the art weekend, but one of the volunteers put us in touch afterwards. I seem to be quite the PP social butterfly! Xx

  • Hi JaneHW, it's really lovely to hear a few of you have met up since the art workshop & you've also met with our lovely Anna. Next time you meet, if I'm anywhere near Reading I'll join you for cake! Thanks for letting us know about it x

  • I'd like to meet up with others who've been through PP. I've had the opportunity to quickly chat with Hackneygirl who wrote Day 6: When motherhood and madness collide.

    But haven't really had a good live chat with someone who been through PP.

    In my second mother's group I was lucky to have a mother with bipolar who had some issues postpartum and another mum with a sister which schizophrenia so I was able to be fairly open about my experiences with them. But sometimes it would be nice just to talk about it with others who've been through similar experiences.

    However I'm in Sydney and know most people on here are in the UK.

  • Hi Bronsyd, it's great you've had a chat, no matter how brief. I think it's amazing meeting others face to face though, even if it's years after PP, so I hope you get the opportunity to soon. I know some of our mums have found it incredibly healing meeting someone even 25yrs+ after their PP.

    That's brilliant you could be open at the mother's group & you found other mums who could understand some of your symptoms/issues etc. I remember feeling a complete outsider at my mum&baby group & not being able to tell anyone, so I guess that was a great help for you in the absence of meeting a mum recovered from PP. I hope it's not long before you can chat with others in person :)

  • BronSyd im in nz. If I make it to sydney or you make it here id love to meet up!

  • Would you be willing to meet up in Sydney's? I have met up with another mum I met when we were in hospital together with PP, and found that helpful.

  • I'm in Melbourne so only a short flight to Sydney. I'd love to meet someone in person one day too 

  • May have to do an Australia mission. Planning a Melbourne trip sometime soon!

  • I like the idea of a meet up.

  • Hi everybody,

    only at the beginning of 2015 did I start with an art-forum. This helped me to gain more confidence and I started talking to people again via social media. Then I discovered APP towards the end of last year...and my art exhibition this year turned out to be a promotion for raising awareness of PPP with the support of APP.

    I am happy to relate and exchange my experience with the other forum members, it is such a healing journey.

    Everything I do takes a lot of practise and courage, because I suffer from social and agora phobia after PP. I am sometimes so frustrated that I have to do everything in stepping stones in order to overcome my fear in meeting strangers or having to get used to new environments, localities and places.

    However, one day I would like to travel to Birmingham and meet all those marvellous ladies, who supported me to step out of my shadow.

    Kind wishes to you all...it is good to know that I do not have to feel lonely inside anymore...and that there are other women, who do understand :-)


  • I thought I'd replied to this but I think it's disappeared! Yes - the short answer is several times (possibly as many as ten different ladies). The big advantage of being in London is so many people pass through here... X

  • That's really strange Kat, you did reply & I'm sure I replied?? I'm hoping that we already have all your meet ups logged but if you think of any more 1:1 face to face meet ups we don't know about & can count, do let us know. I know you're really busy right now so if you get a spare mo to send any over, that'd be great. We'd need name & email address to include them but don't worry if you're stacked out.

    All the best xx

  • Hi Andrea, Kat and I also met up last week, to add to the list!  xx

  • Hi Andrea,

    Sorry I'm only replying now. I met my first pp mum through this forum. I think my baby was about 3 at the time and remember being very nervous but it was amazing. We met for coffee and I had photos of my son with me incase we were struggling for conversation. Well we chatted for over an hr and it turned out we where treated in the same trust so we had a few of the same mental health team.

    I remember a recurring hallucination where I could see a family member that had been killed in an accident alive and in my house, I could never get my head around it and totalling failed to understand it but when she said she saw her mum alive I remember the relief and thinking I wasn't the worlds biggest weirdo.

    I love APP as pp is so different from pnd which everyone talks about and it's very difficult for others to understand what we have been through, where as if the is a post on the forum I can relate to it.

    We are now Facebook friends and both have second babies and remained healthy.



  • Hi Maria, that's so lovely to hear, thanks for letting us know. You're right about PP being so different & difficult to understand & the face to face meetups being amazing, they really help with understanding & coming to terms with everything no matter what stage you're at. Wonderful to hear you both have second babies & stayed well, lovely! 

  • So great that so many of you are meeting up. Be so nice. 

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