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Anyone interested in Social anxiety tips?

Hello everyone i am Ghassan, i am suffering from social anxiety 7 months ago.

after reading and doing lots of researches i am improving a lot, anxiety and social anxiety is just a habit, what your thinking all of you sufferers now is ANXIETY, Anxiety is just a feeling same as joy,love,happiness,anger,fear,

your brain and subconsious learned to think that way and for it its just what is safe and secured. you really need to have a strong drive and willingness to break this vicious circle.

your thoughts that create anxiety are ONLY A HABIT. Break that habit, stop procrastination, do the opposite of what ur anxiety is telling you, thus u start creating ur own sense of self and stop shrinking your world, anxiety is limiting you, it is shrinking your world ,keeping in you in ur comfort zone. be Brave, have that inner courage, think big, dont think of your symptoms, your symptoms are just a manifestation of what your thoughts and feelings are. fix those and your symptoms will gradually change.

100 years ago there wasnt anything called social anxiety,


you just happened to have a wrong programs and patterns of thoughts that need to be fixed

thats it.

it wont happen overnight and overcome it.

but have the will to conquer it, change beliefs, accept your self now and say that i want to change, all of us are born self confident, its just our thoughts builds up our personality and it happened to build a weak one. its never too late to change our patterns of thoughts. we have everything we need from the inside. dig in. think of everything ur passing through and realize its always the same thing. you think your safe because anxiety is telling you this. fight it, its my second day thinking like this and i am feeling better a lot. i have a drive and a will. hope all of you sufferers discover how precious you are like everyone else.

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Believe me mate, we are trying, doing our best xxx


what kind of therapy have you used?


Hi ghassan, I would like to thank you for your comments on this page, after 20+ yrs with this problem my life has now changed, long way to go my friend but I am feeling more in control and socially I am feeling a little more confidant.. You are so right and for some mad reason I really do feel quite good compaired to the way I was.. Hope ur life is still getting better... Many thanks.xx


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