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hey guys

I am 24 from india and i had written a blog post on i want to help i personally thought i would get lot of replies as to some solutions but i guess ppl dont doubt you if your bad but they definitely doubt you if your good.i was surprised lol anyways i suffered from anxiety for years in bits and pieces but know my thinking has changed a lot.

I am gonna tell you 5 points . If you follow that there will be 100 % improvment

1) Have a healthy diet as in lot of fruits veggies , salads, YOU have to avoid whilte flour. It is bad also have less sweet. Instead of flour have wheat bread or pasta or wholegrain. Have less pizzas and sugar as it messes up the insulin resistance and gives you mood swings. If u can go to a diteiacian for anxiety and follow a athelthes diet. DONT SMOKE PLZ OR HAVE COFFEE OR CAFFEINE

2) Exercise...Anxiety will improve a lot. I play squash everyday followed with swimming it is bliss. I love it u feel so fit and wondeful. Start slow and increase it up. google exercise beniefts on anxiety

3) I persoanlly am not a big fan of allopathic medicines it has lot of side effects i am on fluvoxamine currently but i am tapering it very slowly. I would prefer ayurvedic which doesnt have side effects which is good. BUT you have to listen to your gp coz everyones problems are different

4) THE MOST IMP is do MEDITATION it calms your mind and is LOVELY. I did a course called art of living yes + . It is organised by SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR . The meditation name is SUDARSHAN KRIYA. google it ASAP. It is epic the ppl there are nice and they belioeve in service to humanity. I guarantee anxiety will redice substantially with only this. They have this course in 154 countries so plz FIND out if it is available in your city and country

5) REMEMBER THIS ----- What you resist persists so accept your anxiety. You should know all feelings go away on their own so accept the anxiety to the fullest and wait for it to go on its own. When you accept your problems and situations you take them as a challenge but when you dont accept the situatons and problems its a diffuculty.

guys i have told you all i remember now ....i am trying to make a diff in a small way so follow it and if u have doubts lemme know

tc ppl and i would love inspirtational stories coming in...BEAT IT and rise the anger in u,,,,

phew i am just 24 not really an author and my hands hurt


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Thank you for all your helpful comments and pleased that this is working for you. I certainly find meditation helps as does yoga. But everyone is different and they find there own way through the fog that is anxiety and depression. Hoefully, your ideas will help people on here. Thnks. xx


Thanks jeffju i am sure ppl will find their way through and yes everyone is different so thus it might not work completely for them but i personally adore and abide the stuff there. Thank you i hope so :) Guess i should edit the 100% improvment part that was in pure excitement


Morning :) thank you for your helpful suggestions. I need to clean my diet up a bit as I have been slipping. And yes meditation not medication works or me :)

Namaste x


hey tara absolutely diet is imp it really helped me when i cut down on carbs and sweets ant ate healthy light and regurarly. Ur body will have the strenght to fight stress. After doing sudarshan kriya my thought process has changed and now i am confident of stopping medication though i do have ayurvedic ones....


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