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Hells Bells,Theres a bit of doom and gloom knocking about today don't you think!

For those of you living with an r sole of a partner,get rid,trust me,they are a big cause of your problems.Years ago I had a partner who was so jealous,her behaviour actually made me ill,I could not breath so had to get out.

We don't expect partners,family or friends to understand,how could they,but,but,if they make matters worse through their lack of understanding then we need to think about ourselves and our sanity.Some people can actually make our problems worse and if that is the case with you,then get out,you must.

We have to do everything we can to help ourselves,we know that,after all,only we understand how we feel.

Be positive people,do whatever it takes.

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You are so right! I had to breakup with my partner at the weekend as I was cancelling so many things I was getting called selfish and what not..don't have the mental strength to deal with 2 people.


i found when i was going through my worst panic attacts many years ago i couldnt cope with my boyfriend not totally understanding me and we would argue more but that was because i was on edge and not really his still with him and glad i am as we need the support,did you talk to him about how you were feeling and how did he react?


i totally understand im 55 and have chosen to be single now,got myself a lovely little dog instead!


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