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Hi all. New to all this but SO glad i found this site. Just wondering if there is such a thing as health anxiety?

I have been reading through bits and pieces and found this mentioned. Although i have it not about my health but other peoples? I go lightheaded (sort of) if i hear someone scream out or shout as if in pain. If my children say they're dizzy it starts me off? Whats the deal lol

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I also seem to be bring it on myself by thinking about it. Because the panic/anxiety scares me so much i dread it, and as i'm dreading it happening (and thinking about it) it can start it off. I'm going round and round on this frightning damn rollercoaster and can only get off when i'm totally sidetracked by something else.

However, try forgetting what your thinking about right now- Impossible!

Geez, this sounds mad i know, sorry x


Hi karenx , Health anxiety is very real my sister has suffered with it for years about her own health And since having my 3rd child 4months ago ( and a scary hospital stay with her and a op for my eldest ) I have developed health anxiety but about my children . I get the symptoms the chest pains fast heart beat but I am very good at telling myself it is just anxiety. But as soon as my children cry feel warm or show any sight of illness or upset I think the worst. My son said his eyes were going blurred and I convinced myself it must be a tumour or something else horrific. It is a awful feeling but I can completly symphysis with you . I dread bed times . I have a fear they could stop breathing in there sleep. I have been to see GP n am still waiting for my CBT appointment 3 months later. It is definitely worth discussing with your gp . Some of the ones I have seen have made me feel mad and like am wasting there time but there are some really good ones who do listen and will try n help you . Keep your chin up :-)


Hi Karen,

I suffer with health anxiety and its horrible,ive had numerous ecg's and blood tests and came back clear,i always worry about my health,last nite i got a sharp pain in my head and thought i had a brain tumour or hemourage,have you tried one of claire weekes books,there fantastic,amazon sell them xx


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