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I can never get a Doctors appointment theses days!!

I would be easier to sail around the world then get an appointment at my drs surgery! To get an appointment I have to ring up at 8 o'clock on the day that I require a doctors appointment, and you can't book in advance, so I cant ring up today for an appointment tomorrow. Trouble is EVERYONE rings at 8 o'clock, and I rang dead on 8 to be told it was shut; I hung up and redialled and I couldn't get through due to the line being busy!I finally got through after nearly half an hour of trying to be told there are no appointments that fit around my work hours! I am only able to get an appointment on a Monday morning or a Tuesday afternoon, as I work quite a distance away so I can't just "POP" to the doctors. I can't afford to take a day off work for it.

I really needed to see my GP about cancelling my CBT sessions as I never clicked with my therapist, and it has caused me to develop anxiety about going to the appointments. My therapist has been on holiday for the past 2 weeks, I tried to get an appointment last week but was unsuccessful in doing so. I'm supposed to have my CBT tomorrow but I don't ever want to go back.

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Dont feel alone with this hun , our doctors is just the same & its so frustrating

The only way I can guarantee getting an appointment , is by my hubby going down there for 8 o,clock & going in & making the appointment in person , we have worked out that is how they go so quick , people que & make them , then by the time you phone & get through they have all gone !!!

I am lucky i have him to do that otherwise not sure what I would do , dont no if you could possibly do this

Ask for a home visit , that makes them find you one quick , they dont like coming out

Complain to the manager of the surgery , you would have to put it in writing & that wouldnt get you a quick appointment , but might make you feel better

If possible , that is the quick answer though , to be there at 8 & make an appointment in person , i no its not right , but seems lots of surgerys are the same

Good luck hun





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