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It wasn't anxiety after all :p

This is a short post because I'm on a phone at my local hospital. My inflammed appendix is no more, and I've just been reading the papers to take my mind off the usual chest discomfort patients get after surgery. Big mistake. I saw an article about a boy who.died a good while after having his own appendix removed because the site where the surgery took place scarred, twisted and burst. What are the odds of this happening to me? :(

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You just had an op! You ok! The odds of this happening to you are nil!You will be great in a few days. Brave you.Pity we can't read a paper without getting stressed.

Have a wee visit to Rosé,s garden ,there will always be someone there to fuss over you.



I am with Lindalou on this , the odds are nil wont be putting a bet on it as I will waste my money ;)

Well done you getting through the op , now be kind to yourself

There is an expectation of a party in Roses garden this Sunday (Minnie ) the DG is maybe going to be arranging it , so do pop in , & let your cares melt away





I had mine removed 3 years ago and I was 57 at the time - quite rare at that age. I made full recovery. The incision was made down my front because they weren't sure it was appendix - so it was a major op. Take it easy, eat well to aid recovery. You'll be fine, I'm sure. At least it's one thing you and I won't have to worry about!


Hi Dax,

Oh so THAT was the source of the pain!!! Hopefully now it's all been dealt with you'll start to feel better and less anxious. Please don't even think about side effects ~ you're on the road to recovery now :)

Best Wishes,




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