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Few good weeks then back to same s**t!

Well I've had a great few weeks practically anxiety free or should I say, lived with IT quite well. But now feel back to square one again! I can't cope I can't manage life like that again I really really can't and I can feel myself dlipping back there again. I'm in tears all the times chest pains are agony and I can't leave the house for fear of dying I just don't want to do this anymore!!!!!! I don't wana make myself go to work or shopping or speak to people I just wana hide away from the world. Or live on my own desert island with my partner and son!!!!

Hope you're all well

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PB sorry to hear you are feeling so low. My OH is exactly the same at the mo. He wont speak over the phone, though i do get txts. The weekend he just shut down and wouldnt answer calls or anything. I know it doesnt help you but thank you as yet again with various blogs it helps me sort of understand its part of the anxiety and not me.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow. xx



Sorry to hear your struggling after having a great few weeks feeling good fighting the anxiety and panic attacks is a constant battle. I am having this problem at the moment and have been off work for weeks and cannot face the thought of going back. I have difficulty going outside the door. But a friend of mine said the worse thing is to stress over going back work just makes the situation even worse.

My daughters friend is a psychiatric nurse and is going to come and visit me and help and would be glad to share with you.

Love sEYIN X


I feel exactly the same,just had six anxiety free weeks,then BANG.back with a vengence..I felt like I was going to die,lightheaded,legs like jelly,constant nausea,and headaches,not feeling very sociable.I can hardly walk accross my kitchen floor, my god whats going to become f us all,is there nothing out there to take this demon away....hugs and kisses to you all..


Hi PB,

It's horrible ~ everytime we have a good patch we convince ourselves that this is it. It's finally easing off/ going away and then IT leaps out and grabs us again. It's like a huge black cloud drops into your mind and you cannot see round it or through it and the fear and darkness are so overwhelming. I'm so sorry you are feeling like this. I've no advice, love, apart from to say engage with it as little as you are able and try to wait it out. IT WILL PASS. Sometimes I spend whole days repeating this - it does ease off eventually and the gaps between the bad days get longer.

Take Care,




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