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what is it????

I was sat in my friends house about 2 month ago, was watching telly with a few mates and all of a sudden my heart was started going so fast, it felt like it was going to jump out my chest. i was shaking really bad and i had to go home because it felt like i was going to have heart attack. i had to sit down and carm down and try relax. it finally went but i was shook up really bad! it has not happened for a few week. then a few week later i was on the pc playing a game with a friend and he was beating me, i felt a bit tense that he was winning and then from no were my heart started again! was the same as what i had at my friend house were my heart was going so fast it felt like i was going to have heart attack. so i had to turn everything off and sit there till i got relaxed and my heart slowed down. it has happened once more since when i was out at a mates and they said it wasn't normal. they thought i was having a panic attack. now its not happened since.. but i keep getting like heart burn, it comes and goes and its only there for a few seconds but its sore! been waking up with it during the night! do you no what this is? do you think its time to go see doctor.

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Hi brain

This sounds very much like panic attacks as every situation you seem to have these is when you are stressed

Keep of XBOX lol have a son that plays on one of those , he usually is a mild manered young man till he plays on that , then he turns into a complete angry person & his stress levels as well as mine listening to him go up , why you all play on them when they seem to stress you so much I will never no , maybe I am showing my age ! lol

Also indegestion is a sign of anxiety , if you read some of the posts on here people including myself have this problem

However , just to give you peace of mind , go & see the GP , I am sure everything will be ok , but at least they can tell you & once they have you will no this is anxiety & can start to deal with things & not have the worry of thinking its something else

Make an appointment & let us no how you go on

You will get lots of support on here with anxiety , so welcome

whywhy xxx


Hiya it sounds like a panic attack they have many symptoms due to chemicals your body releases adrenalin ect when they start they are horrible the first time round get yourself checked at the docs for reassurance having said that you've had a few now so you see they can't physically hurt you but they do frighten the life out of you the best thing when they start is go with it try not to fight it as this prolongs them try to write how your feeling when they happen what may have triggered them try to steer Clear of stimulants caffeine , salt , ect as I've said go to the docs and tell them they can check you out reassurance may be all you need to help you feel better all the best Mel


Hi hun, realy sounds like classic panick syptoms. so scary wen wake u in nite but very common. sounds like ur hyperventilatin + need 2 learn brething frm ur stomache + not ur chest. thres a website wot the medical professionals use called + really good advice, will teach u how 2 breath properly wen havin an attack plus relaxation. u do hav 2 learn these, will take a little while but wen u master it it will really hlp u not 2 hyperventilate. until u learn this try breathin in a brwn paper bag 2 slow dwn ur breathin. som1 tld me 2day that drs can give u breathing bags. hav u bin 2 c ur GP, always a good idea + can really hlp. sounds like ur gettin stressed out on ur xbox games. r u stayin on them 4 a lng time? only play 4 an hour then always hav a 15 min break + plse try 2 limit ur time spent on computer. also wiv u havin thesr panick attacks in the niteby the way is extremly common, hav u got anythin at all wot is playin on ur mind. keep us posted we w ill try 2 hlp..... leeanne.x


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