"Feel good" film on TV - 7 pm tonight! :)

If you like - or even can stand! - sci fi, watch "Short Circuit" on the SyFy channel at 7 pm tonight. The most adorable little robot you ever saw, who comes to life and decides he doesn't want to be a military robot, so runs away - pursued by most of the US military establishment! :-D It's, silly, kooky, clever - contains the immortal line "Life is not a malfunction!" - a real pick-me-up!






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4 Replies

  • Thats Rose happy tonight then :-)

    Dancing on Ice fan myself , followed by the New Drama Mr Selfridge ..all good if it cheers us up ! :-P

    whywhy xxx

  • That face was suppose to be a wink ....not a blobbing tongue ...hehe

  • LOL! ;) Yep, seen it at least twice, but still love it! Enjoy Dancing on Ice, hun! ;) not :p lol xxxxxxxx

  • Dancing on ice for me too Rose :) in bed of course :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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