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Hi Eveyone I have suffered Panic/Anxiety for over 35ys so am very clued up on The Demon inside.Recently I have had Ectopic Heart Beats

They are scaring the life out of me.I have seen my Gp who did an ECG and said that was perfect.Sometimes the horrible irregular thumping sensatiin will go on for hours. I know there are a lot of sufferers of Anxiety who have the same thing but would like to hear from others



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My goodness lisa, you are frightening yourself aren't you? I had palpitations and irregular heart beats for many years. Still get them on stressful occasions but I just say (as stde says) 'OK, so you're back, what are you going to do this time'. Or. 'Is that the best you can do?'. I have worn out a dozen ecg machines at various doctors surgeries and why I couldn't believe them at the time I do not know. I am 'getting on' a bit now; still here, palpitations and all, but no longer a bit concerned. I just ACCEPT them as they come. (It would be too embarrassing anyway to go back to the doctor!!!). You are alright, lisa. My 'palps', as my long suffering wife calls them, sometimes went on for days, in fact it was what precipitated me into nervous anxiety, until a long time after, I realised that by worrying about them it made them worse. BELIEVE YOUR GP. They do know what they are at. Keep blogging, lisa. We are all here for you and remember, others are suffering just as you are at this very moment. Bless you and Love. jonathan.


good one johnathan,...yes they continue longer if we feed them (i.e. fear them)...I ended up viewing the attack as a visitor and speaking in my head by saying "oh your back, well i,m just going to ignore you and you can leave when your fed up".......I suffered them on and off for 40 yrs...but can,t remember the last one as i worked hard to change my thinking about them, and losing the fear by realising it was more a if it happened I,d say "hello!!"......LOL!

I think there more chance of dying getting hit by a boomerang in Trafalgar square.......lots of good wishes........x


And as much chance as winning the lottery. Thanks stde. Regards. jonathan.


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