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finally got a date with cbt

at last finally got a date with cbt for next friday. anxiety is the devil and has taken over my life for two long now hopefully this will help me. im not on any anxiety meds only on my thyroid meds now but still suffer bad anxiety and ocd.People with anxiety should get there thyroid checked out as this is a cause of anxiety if not correct.

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I'm glad you have an appointment Andy, I have my thyroid checked about every year and it's ok but I agree, similar symptoms. Good luck love with your treatment x


Hello Andy, I hope the cbt helps you and your situation improves. I also have an underactive thyroid and my life is terrible due to the anxiety depression and panic attacks. I have an appointment on monday to see a psychiatrist. Lets hope we both get sorted out. Good luck and take care.


Hi Andy,Im waiting for my C.B.T Apt,Hope all goes well for you also thankyou for the Thyroid comment nobody has ever mentioned that to me i have been suffering from panic attaks and anxiety for over ten years now and am now agrophobic ,I will ring my G.P and ask for a check.Take care.


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