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I have to start taking escitalopram today as I made a promise to start my medication. I'm already stressing out about this and already had a migraine too with the worry over these tablets. Im scared they will make me really ill or turn me into a zombie as there is loads if side effects with them. I haven't slept much all night and I'm breaking out in sweats too.

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I take Citalopram Dianne and wish it would turn me into a Zombie at times! It won't do that, just provide a few chemicals that you are short of at the moment. You probably won't even notice any difference at all. I just wish they would make a magic pill....I would have the lot!! x


Hi Dianne

I m on the same pill,lol!at times the first two weeks can be hard or u can see yourself gettin should say it on the leaflet as try to make notice of this.but if u still have problems after 10 days/2 weeks it could be is not the right meds for u..Good luck u re doing great xx


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