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coming off cipralex going on venlafaxine

I am craping myself I have had a really bad weekto the point my mht social worker rang me everyday, my docs been to see me . Ive been feeling bad on and off for about over a year now( I have suffered on and off for 30 years cronic anxiety/panic/depression)

well physcairist mht and doc have decided meds are not working so switching me over from 20mg cipralex to 37.5mg of venlafaxine.

for the first 2 weeks I have to take half cipralex and 1 venlafaxine

then stop the cipralex altogether and take 2 venlafaxine = 75mg

questions is has anybody come off meds?

im am crapping myself incase i get withdrawl symptoms etc

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hey, dont panic ok within the last 4 months my gp has changed my meds more than once i think this is the 5th lot of anti depressents ive been on, ive gone from fluoxetine to metaxipine of which i reacted to due to an allergy in the metax, then was on venlafax now on risperidone !! only problem was my one allergy so you should be fine, the venlafax can go up to 350mg per day so that is the smallest dose your gp can put you on, are you on any other meds I use diazepam to help with the anxiety


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