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Anybody been referred by GP for anxiety??


I have been having some problems for about 7 years (since i was about 14) now and I told my new husband I think it's anxiety and certain things trigger it and he convinced me to see my GP. I feel this was the right thing to do because I would like some help with it, my GP agreed about the anxiety and refered me to a mental health doctor because I said talking therapy would be okay but i'd be too nervous to take medication. I got an appointment which was a month away and I was fine but now that month has passed and it's only two days away I'm quite nervous and worried!!

My GP said it will be "very intense" although he did say they can help...but he said perhaps CBT or psychotherapy (at least I think he said psychotherapy I honestly don't remember because I was so nervous talking to him about it!)...I've googled this stuff and done ALOT of reading but still I'm not really sure what to expect :/ apparently the appointment is to discuss the referral and treatment options.

Has anyone else had the same kind of referral? I just want some idea what is going to happen?? I know this sounds really daft but I'm scared they'll think I'm crazy or something and institutionalise me!! My husband says not to be daft because its just some anxiety and that I am not a danger to anyone (I'm not lol) so they won't but I guess I'm just worrying and wanted to talk to some people who had been through the same :)

Thanks very much for replys

Sorry if this is a bit rambley :) x

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Hi ya!

It is not daft at all and going to your GPRS was the right thing to do.

i have been referred the same as you. I think the will just ask questions and these should be answered truthfully otherwise it is no help really. The Dr will also service about medication , if you have any fears over medication they should tell you side effects etc of they feel you need medication. Ask everything you need to, it is important you feel content with the support and outcome, if you are not happy about something then let them know!

The therapists will try something like cognitive behaviour therapy for example and omen times it works for people and others require something different to try, the key though is YOU must do the work and exercises given or it will be useless . Keep calm as possible as they are there to help, think of yourself and speak yp if you need clarification .

Good luck.

Let us know hi it goes :-)


Hi, first thing first, they won't be locking you up or stamping your file with a big red MENTAL stamp! It will be an assessment meeting a bit like triage to see what may your problem is and what will be the best service/therapy to offer you. You may never see this person again as they won't necessarily end up as your therapist/practitioner. It's usually brief, 20-30 mins and relaxed, you say as much or as little as you want, they ask questions (they usually ask you to fill in some questionnaires, they are very simple measurement tools for anxiety/depression) to get an idea of how to help you not to try and trick you into anything. If you are feeling uncomfortable, tell them so, this is about you and what can help you they are there to listen and guide you hopefully in the right direction. If they offer you CBT and I guess you've read the literature the meetings will continue in the same vein, relaxed, therapist asking questions, listening to you, setting tasks/goals and maybe asking you to fill the same questionnaires in each time as the scores can measure how good/bad the impact of your anxiety and treatment is having on you. Remember it is all about you and helping you not judging or looking to lock you away. :) Good luck.


I agree with the others - can't understand why you were told it would be very intense. For me all the therapy sessions (& initial assessment) were relaxed and in no way scary. I'm sure it will help you. Very best wishes.


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