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Morning everyone - this is the first time i have wrote anything on here but come on regularly, i suffer with anxiety/panic attacks on a daily basis and have done for 12/13 years. I have had major stress since i was 25 and i think that and having thyroid problems is the cause.

I have hypothyroidism and this also causes anxiety, i was wondering if any of you have every thought of having a saliva test done to see what state your adrenals are in, i have and it shows that i have adrenal insufficiency mine is low in the morning and not too bad in the evening (this is when i feel a little better evening time) i also suffer with balance (vertigo like symptoms) sorry if this sounds all jumbled up but maybe its something for you to think about xx

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Kimbo, I read your message above, and I have had anxiety panics and akso suffer from agoraphobia, and am not able to stay alone even in my home for over 30 years, on and off, I had it at school on occasions, but never reakized what it was, I have an under active thyroid as well, I am scared to bits of tbhe lpanics, and nhave spent much money over the years trying all types of things. I get those horrid sick giddy turns, I have been on alium many years, and after my lparen ts passed away sas put on a meds, many types, I also get a disorientated head, from Lindenlxx


Hi i have tried to message you but it wont let me, yes i also have agrophobia and am hypo i have been to see a private endo and also have had a private saliva test done, i get up in the mornings and my balace is off straight away, then my legs shake internally etc etc what thyroid med are you on and what dose xx


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