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Slogans and sayings

Have been using these little slogans or sayings to try and help me, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.

Does anyone else have any sayings or slogans that they use?

Mine are:

1) The bad thoughts are because you have SADs.(stress, anxiety and depression)

2) The tablets are good and work.

3) Don't spoil your day.

4) You need to relax and push yourself.

5) Your arm is funny because of the way you use the laptop (for you health anxiety ones out there!)

6) You're doing it for the family and yourself!

7) A life lived in fear is a life half lived!

Feel free to use any if they help or perhaps we can put together a list of useful ones for the community?

5 Replies

I sing Blondies the tide is high but change the words to Anxiety high but Im holding on.


I keep feckin counting to bloody 4! Why 4? Why not 1 or 76.5? I'm a mystery unto mine own self...


my number is 3, its so bloody anoying!


courage doesnt always roar, its that little voice inside you that says ill try again tomorrow. x


if someone cant accept you at your worst then they dont deserve you at your best!!!!!!!


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