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Keep hearing voice before i go to sleep

im about to fall asleep and i hear a nosie, my name being called or a sentence or some random stuff like a song or the cats coming to tea, now i know im hearing things i dont think there someone in the room with me or im hearing people thoughts or something, im just worried am i going schzio or is this normal,

Also i have been to my gp who says im not schizo but i did not tell him this

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I had/have the very same thing. I was seeing a therapist for a while so I asked her if this was 'normal' and also did some research online. I was also worried that I was going schizo.

The good news it is quite a common condition, I also suffered from night terrors for many years still do if stressed. It is a similar thing, the brain not quite being in full sleep mode but not being awake. I find it is worse when I am 'over tired'. Rest assured you aren't going mad. I can't remember what the condition is called but if you do some research you will find some answers. Hope this has put your mind at rest somewhat.

Kind regards

K x


I had exactly that just yesterday lunchtime.

I was just nodding off when I was woken by what I thought was a loud whizzing noise. It was completely in my head.

I've similar off and on all my life.


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