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Venlafaxine lowest dose

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how many days can we cope with these side effects….. severe nausea, headaches, thick head… drowsy, dizzy and that’s day two … don’t think I can do this . They talk about four to six weeks. I can’t operate, drive or anything feeeling like this

4 Replies
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There are lots of things I can say here—but I’ll keep it short:

(1) First off—and you won’t like this—don’t get on antideps at all if this is your first time. Try fish oil in megadoses instead. [That’s how I got off them after a decade or so.] That apart, “they” say four to six weeks or whatever as a maximum. It’s usually much lower. For me it was less than a week.

(2) You haven’t mentioned if you’re also on anxiolytics...? “Drowsy” and “dizzy” could be because of those; if so, you can always ask your psych physician to take those off or reduce the dose.

(3) And just in case you’re clueless (which you probably aren’t!) there are remedies for each of your debilitating symptoms. If the worst part is nausea, for example, you can try ondansetron...

(4) ...And that’s the way it goes. My personal story is fairly typical: One drug to the other, one added to existing three to counteract side effects, and on and on. The best advice I can give you is to not do it whether or not you think you can do it :-) There are non-pharma remedies for depression—even bad cases; some are frowned upon by docs because they, well, don’t help the industry—and as for some such as fish oil, even the most hardened psychiatrist will admit to its benefits. [I used 5,000 (five thousand) mg of EPA + DHA to get off antideps totally; the only side effect is mild to moderate diarrhoea.]

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Sorry you feel so rough. I have never tried it, nor wish to, have had other stuff but quite frankly they didn't help. If you are feeling that bad, maybe it doesn't agree with you however, long they say it takes to get used to it. I can think of nothing worse than nausea, I had that for a few years with ignored hyperparathyroidism so I sympathise. That is worse to me than anxiety which in itself makes me feel slightly nauseous. I would get off it if I were you, depending how long you have been taking it, drop it gradually.

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Are you coming off the meds or starting them?

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Your dr should be able to do a genasite test that will show you antidepressants that will work better with your body. I have been taking ven for about 15+ years and been the only thing that has worked for me. I did a gen test to see if my mlg was the correct and it was very helpful getting my dosage correct.

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