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I was wondering what kind of symptoms other people with anxiety have. I don’t know anyone else with GAD and knowing other people feel what I feel and make it through helps me cope.

My symptoms:

Brain Fog


Stomach pain/churning

Shortness/difficulty breathing



I know why I developed anxiety and why I worry but some have said it was silly so if you want to know just ask I guess.

Thank you so much!!

20 Replies
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Yep sounds normal for GAD I also struggle with the same thing and other symptoms if you ever wanted to talk about things feel free to message me looks like we’re around the same age

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NicL11 in reply to Adamj

That would be awesome. Thank you

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Shoulder and neck pain, headaches and neck spasms. Stiff neck. Charlie horses in back. Rashes, neurodermatitis. Brain fog, stomach spasms, nausea, chest pain, high blood pressure, erratic heartbeat, sweating, lightheaded, fatigue. Auditory hallucinations. Luckily the symptoms haven’t appeared all at once and I’ve got a big bag of tools for them all.

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NicL11 in reply to Isinatra

Oh I’m so sorry to hear that.

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Isinatra in reply to NicL11

The symptoms come and go at different intervals and over the years I’ve learned how to put out the flare ups as they occur. It sounds worse than it is. Mostly they are a heads up that there’s something I need to fix that’s bothering me. Like not getting enough rest, watching, reading hearing too much negativity. Basically, not paying attention to what triggers my anxiety. 😊

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Babe1213 in reply to Isinatra

Have you ever thought of being tested for the condition 'Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation?' This does sound scary to many people. I was diagnosed in 2016 following a deeply person and uncertain time of my life. It means my heartbeat goes off on a tangent every now and then for no apparent reason and was accompanied by hypertension (high blood pressure) I am treated with medication to keep the BP regular, and a 'Pill in the pocket' for when I have these episodes. The only other treatment is to have anti-coagulants for life (Warfarin) which help prevent stroke. This condition is very easy to live with.

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Isinatra in reply to Babe1213

I’ve been set with my cardiologist since 1996. So I’m good to go in that department. All the meds to keep things running smooth. I get breakthrough symptoms, though and that part is left up to me to take care of. Too many meds can have adverse reactions. Yes, the heart thing I can function on, but the anxiety thing is an ongoing battle.

You sound like you’ve got a good understanding of your heart. Just knowing that your episodes are triggered by stress and can be alleviated by meds and de stressing gives you an advantage. It lessens the scariness of the episodes. The heart is an amazing organ and we should be aware of that. It’s a tough old bird. 👍🏼

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Babe1213 in reply to Isinatra

Some would say I'm a tough old bird too. I've had breast cancer twice - mastectomy at 44 - I'm almost 75 now - stroke at 32. plus anxiety that has ruined much of my life.But I do know my own body and I do care about others and anything I can do to help I will. My help comes from my faith.

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Isinatra in reply to Babe1213

I don’t know why we’re still here, but I often wonder why I’m the last man standing in relation to others that were close to me that weren’t left standing.

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Babe1213 in reply to Isinatra

I don't know what your religious beliefs are Isinatra, I have already said that my faith is from where my strength comes. I used to be one of those people who with each and every bad thing that happened in my life I would say, 'Oh, not not again, why me?' I would then feel very sorry for myself and go into a deep bout of depression. Then one day I was feeling sorry for myself over something and nothing. It suddenly occurred to me that I always came through, psychologically battered and bruised, but I came through! I followed this time up with a lot of prayer, and a lot of studying Scripture. My faith deepened. I then began to change my approach, and instead of saying, 'Why me?' I started to say, 'Why not me!' I realised, I think like you, I was losing people around me, some of whom had a pretty easy life, but at the first sign of trial couldn't cope. Scripture told me GOD allows bad things to happen to good people. I studied to become a Lay Minister in the Church of England, and found I had a tremendous amount of love to give to those in distress. I became a Prayer Counsellor, and met with many people who were in situations and predicaments that I too had experienced in my past. It was then I realised GOD had allowed bad things to happen to me, in doing so, he had built up my resistance, he gave me the strength to stand with others and help them through. It was like I can say, 'I don't KNOW how you are feeling, but I do understand, because I've been there, done that, worn the T Shirt and am able to walk a way with you now. GOD chooses people from all walks of life, the have's and the have not's. I come from a very poor family, my education level is almost non-existent. But I am able to love the loveless and stand for anyone in any kind of need. I believe this is why You and I are still here. I think, no matter what your faith is now, GOD wants to use you to help others - Isn't this one of the reasons you joined this forum. I also feel very much, every time I go through a trial, I can say 'Thank you, LORD.' Why do I say this? 'Jesus was nailed to a crude wooden Cross, where he died for you and for me. In allowing me to suffer, He is giving me just a splinter of wood from His cross. What a tremendous privilege! This is all the encouragement I now need. Those we have lost? Maybe it was just their time, maybe they did not have the strength to carry on, in which case GOD chose to give them rest. Who knows!?! My advice to you, carry on using this forum to help others and at the same time, help yourself, be kind to yourself, learn to love yourself. A good place to start in the Bible! The Gospel of John - read through as a book.

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Isinatra in reply to Babe1213


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delta50 in reply to Isinatra

What are your big bag of tools for the anxiety symptoms? I have many of the same ones.

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Isinatra in reply to delta50

I was born shaking like a leaf and that was 72 years ago, so I’ve accumulated many tools . First, I have to be aware that my anxiety is escalating, then finding the cause, if it’s obvious. Sometimes I’m not paying attention until it kicks me in the backside. If it’s situational, then I work on changing the situation if I can. If it just pops it’s hairy head up for no obvious reason, that’s where I have to go through my tool bag and see which one or ones work the best for relief. So many tools are pretty standard. Meditation, stopping negative tapes in my head, diversions that relax (coloring for one) not add stress. A little exercise, leaving my house for a bit cuz my house can be a trigger. Isolating to shut out the noise, a hot bath, no cold showers, thanks. Music to lose myself in and wait til it passes. I’ve got meds I take, but I get break through anyway. Can’t increase them, cuz it’s dangerous. I was taught self hypnosis that works sometimes, but not always. I just keep rummaging through the tools until I find the right one. Sometimes just the act of finding the right tool can be a tool in itself. Oh, I can’t forget to mention talk therapy. It’s a winner, but it’s not always available. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of tools you use that I haven’t mentioned.

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can you describe how does shortness/difficult breathing manifest?

I ask cause I also have it... it shows everyday its like my chest are to weak to breath.. and not enough oxygen is coming in

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Babe1213 in reply to jkkkkkkkk

I too have had these feeling of short breath, with not enough air going in - feels dreadful as if each breath will be my last! When you have these problems with breathing, take yourself into a quiet space, sit down - but don't lay down or slouch - concentrate on your breathing, take a long deep breath in through your nose, feel your body rising from your tummy - hold it for 5 seconds, then release it gently through your mouth. Repeat this until you feel better. It is also a good exercise to do when you are feeling ok. I copy this pattern about three times a day - and it really helps. Breathing from the stomach is more helpful than breathing from the lungs

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jkkkkkkkk in reply to Babe1213

thanks I will try that!!

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Well,shivers,shallow breathing,fatigue, tremors,pins and needles,nausea, no appetite, bad eyesight, burning skin,irregular heartbeat, I also have arrhythmia so it makes it worse. I also suffer from depersonalization due to anxiety. Can't concentrate, brain fog, feels like I'm not in my body,sometimes I can't even feel my body,sweating,itching, headache ,eye pain lol so many symptoms and they're all due to this dumb anxiety

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Hi NicL11 - all of the symptoms you have described are being suffered every single day probably by millions of people scattered all over the world, and there are MANY different ailments that encompass any or all of those symptoms. You are NOT alone! If you KNOW why you developed anxiety you are halfway to overcoming it! Whoever has told you, your explanation is silly, is actually talking out of their backsides. You are a unique human being, just like we are all unique human beings. We all think and feel in a different way, even with the same symptoms. I would be interested to know what you think your reason is, and maybe how you come to have that reason. The symptoms you have described have been happening to people for decades, but more so than ever since we had the pandemic COVID, and may be indicative of 'LONG COVID.' I have suffered all of these symptoms for many years and have been treated and mistreated by so called 'health/mind professionals. For me there came a point where I had to take back control of my own life. It was at a time when already having 13 grandchildren, I became a great grandmother. My helper in all of this has been my faith, hope and trust in an unseen but to me ever present GOD. Why not let Him hep you too!

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Yep get all of those symptoms had it for yrs.goes and comes when you are anxious all to do with shallow breathing it's the pitz don't worry won't harm you or I would have gone long time ago lol get Claire weeks book peace from nervous suffering she's got all the answers saved me long time ago it's my bible I think you learn to accept it difficult but can be done don't let it frightened you it's not going to harm you.

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My symptoms have changed over the years. They use to be all the things you mentioned. I recently have shaking hands, wake up panicking at night (multiple times), my body feels cold suddenly, etc.

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