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Health anxiety breathing

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Hey guys, does anyone experience shortness of breath with health anxiety that is on and off for a few days? This started for me yesterday just after a very stressful event. It’s on and off. I’m not sure how to properly explain it, I can take a big deep breath no problem but I feel short of breath if that makes sense??? I started prodding my lower chest earlier and for a while it hurt to breath in but I think that’s gone now. Another worry is that it could be COVID but 4 rapid flow tests have come back negative and no temp, cough, headache, etc. Really worried and don’t want to bother my DR or the hospital AGAIN as I feel like I’m there constantly! It always comes back as being anxiety etc but when you’re feeling symptoms of things it’s so hard to tell you brain it’s nothing serious and you’re over thinking.

Thank you in advance guys


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Hello :-)

Health Anxiety is dreadful I suffer with it to and have done from been young to now been more than twice your age

There was no help or support when I was younger and I would say to you there is now and trouble your Doctor but mainly trouble them with telling them how your Health Anxiety is taking over your life and get the help and support to stop this merry go round of thoughts we have because as soon as we get over one fear Health Anxiety gives us another

We go to the Doctors they reassure us and then before we know it can be the same thing something else and we need reassuring again it never lasts and it is no way to live

It sounds like anxiety regarding your breathing I get it but if course I am not a Doctor but I am very well experienced in how crippling Health anxiety is so please get the help

I wished it had been about when I was younger and I knew what it did to you like I do now , don't suffer more years like I have :-) x

Thank you so much for the advise, my Dr gave me citalopram to try but I’m to anxious to take it 😭 I think it’s my anxiety too but it’s so hard telling my brain to calm down xxx

I totally understand you been to anxious to take it I have a massive meds fear to I am nearly 59 now and never took anything just suffered but I had 3 heart attacks in 10 months which resulted in a Triple heart bypass

Now I have to take a cocktail of tablets every day and despite my fear I know my heart needs them so I take them

I have finally agreed to start an anxiety med as well in a few weeks because I realise just like the rest of our body my brain needs help to calm down this anxiety

I will feel afraid yet they won't harm me , I may not feel great the first few weeks but I now want the benefits I know they can give you

Why not give them a go , tell yourself a day at a time , one tablet that is all , one that won't harm you but in a month or so you could feel so much better :-) x

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Amayla in reply to BeKind28

Well said!

Omg yes!!! It's terrible. Like I am breath hungry. My dad recently started oxygen. He had covid in November last year Now I get breath hungry thinking the worse then my anxiety goes through the roof!!! Message me maybe we can help each other. It's scary!!!

Yes! Not always, but sometimes when the anxiety is at its worst there is definitely a shortness of breath. I guess it makes sense that it's a direct symptom of panic, which is what we're doing when we're getting anxious. It's just another symptom that you need to learn isn't going to kill you, or harm you, but you can learn to control it, eventually, as per Claire Weekes book 😁

Anviety has to be and can be managed and when you manage to control it your breathing will improve, as will your general health. Here is a good guy to watch:-

Yes … Sometimes for weeks at a time! You’ll get though it! Anxiety is awful!

I also have had anxiety and shortness of breath and mine started at 28 years old and now I’m 62. I also seem to take on other peoples symptoms when they’re sick! I fought taking antidepressants and benzo’s for many many years and now I realize that the stress of not taking them and my anxiety disorder were worse than taking the actual meds . If you wanna talk I’m happy to talk to you just let me know.

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