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Off topic - How are you spending Saturday night?

It's Saturday night here and I've had a good day. Trying to solve a problem with the pharmacy, my dr, and the insurance company. A few micro panic attacks that I pushed right on through.

Now it's time for a quiet evening at home. I'm gonna binge watch some James Bond movies on my streaming service. Iced tea, doritos and salsa.

What are you doing?

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By the log burner, watching a bit of tv, browsing the Internet, being taxi driver for the kids who are / were out and about with their friends. Now enjoying a cuppa before cutting some Zzzzzs

Hi battersea, your evening sounds lovely. Low keyed :)

I go from watching tv to checking the forum to see if anyone needs

help :) xx

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We're all fortunate to have you here!

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Thank you battersea. I'm hooked :) xx

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