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I lost my mother in 2014. Happily she made it to a good age (93). At the time I just got on with my life not really p appreciating what a BIG! part of my life she was and how much I missed her. At the start of 2018 it hit. Firstly with panic attack and now the anxiety and depression has hit. The anxiety is the worse thing I've had to deal with. Each day is a struggle but I'm fighting back!

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Hi Simpsons,

Sorry for your loss. Emotional impact can follow years later as I found in my case. When I struggled it was suggested I wrote a letter to my passed love one. Saying how much I loved and missed her, and was sure, as is my belief that we will meet again. I kept the letter for 13 months, sealed on top of the wardrobe. In time I decide it was time to let go, and move on. I destroyed the letter and started a new chapter in my life. It takes time for the emotions to find their own place to settle within but they do eventually. In the meantime remember happy times and the contribution your mother played in your life, and you in hers. The fact you are hurting shows what a special person she was to you. As for the anxiety, remember no anxiety or panic attack has ever hurt you. Keep moving forward little by little, there is no rush. Look up a guy called Michael Mahoney on one of his sites he has free recordings for understanding anxiety and how the mind and body work together. I saw him in person and helped me with IBD and anxiety and a few other life issues. Hope this helps.


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Hi Alun001

Thank you so much for your response. I'll certainly try your suggestion and write to my mother. I think even thought I knew she was getting to the end of her life there were things I needed to say...she was a very special woman. At her time of life you tend to get court up in practicle care needs and forget the emotional.

With the anxiety I try to concentrate on the things I am able to do and count my blessing it quite a lot compared to other suffering! I'll also look at Michael Mahoneys site...thank you. We can win through and have a good life!

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Hi Simpsons, you are very welcome, remain strong.


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