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Terrified to take new medication!!


I’ve suffered with anxiety HORRENDOUSLY for so many years and have tried numerous SSRI’s. The doctors have finally listened and stopped prescribing anti depressants and instead have given me an anti anxiety medication (pregabalin) I’m supposed to take 50mg twice a day for 2 weeks and then up my dose. I have picked up the prescription today but I am absolutely terrified. I always get panic attacks from new things from fear of allergic reactions or dying. I am so so scared to take the tablets! Has anyone had these?

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I'm like that, so why not just take a quarter of a tablet, which is what I would do. Once you feel more confident up your dose, no one else needs to know you're not taking a bigger dose !

Anxiouspea in reply to gggg123

They’ve given me lower than the usual starting dosage and even that isn’t making me feel better, I can’t split the tablets because they are capsules with the powder inside, it’s so frustrating hahah

gggg123 in reply to Anxiouspea

Just go for it you know you'll have an attack but maybe it won't last long at all with it being a sedative !!. Prepare yourself, take a bath do what ever to relax a little and talk positive. I know what it's like though I think the complete worst too.

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