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Tingling in head, very stiff neck and dizziness


I've been experiencing this off and on the couple of weeks. I know we're supposed to accept the anxiety symptoms and wait for them to pass but it's really hard when they're affecting how you move and function. Between the top of my head and my upper back feels like a rubber band pulled very tight. Sometimes I'm not sure I even know how to relax anymore....

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Hi lovemybear, I get the same thing, a very weird stiff neck. At the top of my collar bone all the way up through my ears and sometimes my face. I can almost initiate it with an anxious thought. I notice my shoulders are up to my ears. It is like this most of the time. Sometimes to my delight, it is mysteriously gone only return. If you go on the anxietycentre website, there are over 100 symptoms of anxiety and I think I have had 90 percent of them.

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