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I’m worried!


So a couple weeks ago I went to red lobster for dinner and ate a good bit then two days later, I got these really bad pains in my belly and had dirreha a lot and it went away a day or two after that but now a week after I’m not eating as much and I keep thinking something is wrong with me!!! Idk if it’s in my head or not!!! I’m scared to go to the doctors and have tests done to find if anything is wrong with me! I want to be able to eat normally again!!!!

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You prob have IBS


Maybe it was a bad reaction to the lobster.

Are you still feeling it?

Chances are it was food poisoning... is your stomach feeling better? It's understandable you'll be little scared. If your stomach is still bothering you you might want to get it checked out. I hate doctors... the time I've gone about stomach issues it was bad. Drink plenty of water, eat bland stuff- toast bandanas are good. Help you are feeling better.

The Red Lobster wouldn't have made you sick 2 days after eating it. Food poisoning happens quickly. Usually within half an hour to 4 hours after eating the contaminated food. It almost sounds like you just caught a stomach bug. It's extremely common to have a lowered appetite after having a stomach flu. You need to start back with small, bland meals. A lot of times they call it the BRAT diet: Bananas, plain rice, applesauce, toast, plain noodles, ginger tea or flat ginger ale on ice, electrolyte drinks like Gatorade, etc. Hope this helps.

Hi Zeldafan.

It sounds like you could have had food poisoning.. Food poisoning can come on up to 3 days, or longer depending on the type of bacteria, after consumption of contaminated food. It could also have been a bug of some type, but I'd almost put my money on it being food poisoning.

Try taking a good probiotic. You can take them up to 3 times a day for a couple of days in acute conditions then cut back to 1 a day and stay on that for a while.

Prawns, lobsters and crabs are the rubbish tips of the ocean. I'd avoid them if possible.

Stewed apple, raspberry cordial and rice water are all very helpful for any stomach upsets. If it lasts any longer than a couple of weeks, it's worth getting checked out.

Try not to think the worst. I know anxiety makes that difficult, but good luck. I hope you're back to normal soon.

Sounds more like an allergy to shellfish. I'd stay away from lobsters ;)

The stomach can take time to heal after a bad episode. If the pain is gone and the diarrhea has stopped, just take it easy with food selections, listen to your body and eat what you feel like. Sip some ginger ale.

You will be fine in no time. Worry is so destructive. Try to get out and enjoy the day somehow.

Here's to feeling better!

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