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Advice would be great.


I'm not sure if anyone has felt these feelings like I have, before the anxiety, panic attacks came along my motivation was great, I needed to find work and get back on track, now I know I feel different and I have no motivation what's so ever, I really hope someone out there has felt the same as me at some point, it's a horrible feeling and one I've tried to shake but no luck.

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Are you on any type of medication? I used to feel like there before i finally got some help.

I have the same problem. Once I switched psychiatrists and I found one that really focused on the anxiety life symptoms and not so much adding a bunch of medications, I got better. I'm on an anxiety medication now but I still have problems with motivation and I find it hard to do things that shouldn't be as hard to focus on. But if you are on medication, upping your water intake and getting all of the vitamins you need (although cliche) can actually help. It's baffling how many medications can cause you to need more water and things like that. So it could be as simple as a few lifestyle changes to try first. I hope things get better!

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