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Greetings everyone,

I thought that I'd introduce myself. I'm a long-time sufferer of anxiety and I'm looking to reach out to others with similar conditions. I believe that my anxiety started when I was very young after my parents divorce which then led to fears of abandonment. However, the reason is up for debate and I'd like to explore it further in a safe space such as this community.

I've tried CBT to reduce my anxious feelings. However, it didn't feel like it was addressing the underlying reasons for my anxiety. I think group therapy would work better for me but I've yet to try that.


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Hello centralhawk3 and Welcome to the Anxiety Support Forum. :) Many things that happen in our childhood can set a deep rooted base that makes us fear the world around us. The abandonment you felt can lead to separation anxiety. As a child your world became an insecure place in that if mom and dad could separate then there may be the possibility that they may leave me as well. Know that a child is never the reason 2 adults get divorced. CBT works for some and yet not others. There are different kinds of therapy that can be tried in getting to the root of the anxiety. Many times, you won't see the answer while in therapy. One day as you are alone contemplating your life, everything will come together in what you have learned thru therapy. You will begin to see things clearer. It will be the day that you realized that you have the key to unraveling the mystery of your mind.

In coming together in a group of men and women who have gone through the same issues, you will find the strength and courage to follow the path in healing. Read other's journeys with an open mind. What may work for one does not for the other. Pick and choose suggestions, ideas and try them. Always be open to going forward. Giving up is not an option as well as staying stuck. We live and learn everyday. The forum is a safe place to come knowing you will get the understanding and support you need. A very caring group of people will allow you to realize that you are never alone. Looking forward in hearing and seeing you on the forum. My best, Agora1

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Thank you for the kind welcome @Agora1 and your response. I think you're right about separation anxiety as I remember, very clearly, the worry that my father would not return if he left the house. This was irrational of course but a very real fear for me at a young age.

I think the more I explore the roots of my anxiety the more I will be able to address them and gain clarity for my mind.

It's nice to know that I'm not alone.

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