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Chest pain anxiety

I have bad anxiety.I’ve had chest pain for about 2 years . It’s pretty much all day everyday. I’ve had two ekgs and chest rays within the 2 years and they were normal but I still have the pain. It’s in the middle of my chest, sometimes feels achey sometimes tight. When I start thinking about my heart the pain goes to my left arm and shoulder. Sometimes I can feel my heart beating. I feel fine when exercising or when I’m keeping busy but the pain immediately returns after. Is this anxiety related?

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I get exactly this! I get so scared I consider calling an ambulance. I feel like I’ve constantly got chest pains! Sometimes I feel like the doctors have got it wrong and there is something terribly wrong with me. The chest pain is on the left side and it feels achy/tight. I’ve been assured it’s anxiety.. it’s nice to know your not alone with stuff like this


Dominique, your chest pain could be anxiety as muscular tension of chest muscles is a known symptom. But it could be costochondritis which is inflamation of the cartiledge between the breast bone and the ribs.

Also doctors are beginning to realise that abdominal wall pain is responsible for a lot of non-cardiac chest pain - something many doctors never used to consider until recently.

It might be worth asking your doctor if he or she thinks it could be costochondritis or abdominal wall pain.

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Have you looked into seeing a chiropractor? Sometimes when I get chest issues it's because my back is out of alignment and it's affecting my ribs.


i thought my heart was fluttering and skipping beats only to speed up to make up for those lost hurts and I can feel it in the neck artery BUT docs say my heart is fine. They put me on a BETA Blocker (metropolol) and it makes a world of difference...I feel less anxious too and know it won't kill me. I guess it also comes from some of us being more sensitive to the inner workings of our bodies. Wonderful! :-(


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