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How to handle anxiety symptoms?

Lately I have become hyper-aware of what is going on in my body. I seem to blow every small strange feeling I have way out of proportion. I have been experiencing headaches, stomachaches, and a feeling of shakiness in my entire body. It is giving me a lot of stress and I can't seem to shake the feeling that something is going wrong in my body, and there is very little time in the day that I can fully distract myself from this, I always find some strange symptom and become hyper-aware of it. At this point I can't tell what is a true physical symptom and what is simply caused by anxiety reasons. Please help with possible ways to distract myself from this or strategies to cope with the anxiety.

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Try cbd oil

Does some research on it


I sympathize. I also have a lot of health anxiety. It is very difficult. I don't have a lot of good answers. xx


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