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Bad Dreams on Lexapro?

Anyone experience bad or unpleasant dreams while taking Lexapro (escitalopram)? I've been on 10mg since this past June and honestly I am ready to get off, as I believe it is causing me to have weird dreams about spiders (I dont like spiders). I will encounter the spider out of nowhere in my dream and when I wake up I can still see a silhouette of it moving (!) This never happened to my prior to medication. Otherwise I have no side effects other than yawning alot during the day and headaches if I miss a dose.

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No bad dreams on Lexapro. If I dream of spiders it means I have nuisance issues in my life that are bothering me that I need to address. Any kind of little critters mean that for me. Dreams have significance and I studied them for awhile under someone who was an educated, no-nonsense type of person. It helped me a lot to understand some simple, basic things about myself. Because if it's YOUR dream in YOUR head YOU are telling YOURSELF something. It's worth listening to. But not getting too crazy about it.

OR: I killed a spider that day.

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Thanks for the advice!

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