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I have extreme anxiety and panic attacks, stress is a big part of my life due to dis trust in doctors and hospitals!! It feels like I have no control over my body when I panic and it takes the smallest weird feeling and I’m 0 to 100% panic and freaking out my heart feels like it’s gonna come out my chest and the weirdest pain and feelings come over my body! Any ideas to help this would be amazing

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Hey there, I've been in your situation before. I had really extremely anxiety a couple months ago and I couldn't take it so I saw a psychiatrist for medication but I didn't take it for so many reasons. Anxiety has kept me from doing many things. Is there a specific reason you trust doctors?

I suggest you could start by seeing a psychologist to to talk about what you feel and see how they can help you to cope. Try meditating and deep breathing exercises. It takes time to get better.

I wish you the best

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Thank you I hope it gets better soon it seems never ending, I have many reasons not to trust doctors biggest reason is the problem that happen during my pregnancy with my son, they gave me medicine that I had a reaction too with my breathing then of course that cause even more problems and I ended up having my son at only 22 weeks he didn’t make it, I almost die myself with the lose of blood, more recent like 2 weeks ago I was told I had a blockage in my aorta that turned out being kidney stone, and now I went to the doc about that and they’re not sure it’s even kidney stones!! Doctors have messed my life up I stay on edge all the time!!

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